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Make Your Baby's Baptism a Day to Remember

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Your baby’s baptism is a really special day and a time for celebrating as a family. You will look back on this day for years to come, reminiscing over the photos and talking about how life has changed since! But you aren’t quite there yet, so here’s how to plan a beautiful baptism.

Plan Well in Advance

The first rule of any kind of party planning is that you plan in advance so you can give plenty of notice to your guests. For a baptism, you will also need to make sure that your reverend or vicar is available and check that you can use the church hall to celebrate too. If it isn’t, you can always invite people to your house but a hall is often easier for large parties.

Planning in advance will also give you time to talk to your child’s Godparents-to-be. There are lots of cute ways to ask someone to be a Godparent but the most important thing is that whoever you choose has views that align with your own and will always put your child’s needs first.

Decorate and Put Out Activities

Every party needs decorations and giving your guests matching baptism favors is a lovely way to say thank you for coming. There are lots of themes to choose from but sticking to a simple color palette is an easy and effective option. Balloons, bunting and table cloths are all quick options but you could also add cocktail umbrellas and straws to drinks, get paper cups and plates and put some confetti around too.

If your party will include a few kids, you should also make sure that there are some activities to keep them occupied. Swapping out your tablecloths for a long roll of paper and some crayons is an ideal multipurpose solution but do tailor the activities to the kids you expect. If you are going to host lots of high-energy kids, you should definitely include some games that will allow them to use up some of their energy!

Adding a photo booth is a great way to give your guests something to do and ensure that you get a picture of everyone for your album too. All you need to do is set up a camera on a tripod in front of a nice backdrop and then encourage people to take it in turns to say ‘cheese’. Props and fancy dress are optional!

Feed Your Guests

Every party needs at least a few different snacks and nibbles and a baptism is no different. Making your own cake is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, get exactly what you want and save some money. Plus, a gorgeous cake is often the perfect centerpiece for any spread.

Of course, you could get some caterers in to take the pressure off but party food is usually easy to make in advance and doesn’t need to be difficult. Lots of nibbles come in packs you can easily plate up and put straight out but adding a few homemade items will make a difference.

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