Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Making Moving House Easier On Your Dog

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For humans, moving day and the subsequent days after can be a stressful, time. However, for our four-legged friends, it can appear as if their whole world is changing beyond all recognition. In fact, a house move can put your beloved pooch under a great deal of strain. Happily, there are some actions you can take to make moving home easier on your pup. Just read on to find out what they are.

Pack their stuff last.

All the hustle and bustle that comes before a move including packing can be quite upsetting to dogs. After all, they don't understand that the items that have formed part of their landscape for so long are being taken to the new home, they just think they are disappearing.

With that in mind, to keep your pup as calm as possible it can really help to pack up any of their items last. Then they will be surrounded by familiar things and smells right up until the move, something that can help to keep them calm and happy.

Give them a dedicated space in the new house.

Next, when it comes to making moving home easier on your canine friend it can really help to make a dedicated, comfortable space for them as one of the first things you do. Of course, to make this most effective, you will want to combine both older items that are familiar, with newer ones that fit with your new home decor.

Luckily, to facilitate this, you can get things like this stylish dog pillow that is also incredibly comfortable as well. Something that means you don't have to compromise on style in your new home, but also allows you to ensure your pup will be as comfortable as possible too.

Kennel the or send them to a relative for the move itself.

It can also be a smart move to either kennel your pup or send them off to a friends for walks and fuss while the actual move is happening.

The reason being that it can be pretty hectic and stressful with people coming in and out of the property a lot, and the front and back doors will need to be left open. This being something that can tempt your dog to run out into the street unsupervised and end up causing them harm.

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Give them time to get accustomed to scents the new house.

Dogs noses are way more sensitive than ours and what that means is they make sense of a lot of their world through smell. Of course, that also means if you take them from one building to another, there are going to be many new scents to get used to.

To that end, it can be beneficial to allow your dog some time to go around the new property and get acquainted its scents. You may even feel as if you would like to accompany them doing this to ensure they stay as calm as possible, as once they have a grasp of the smell scape of the building they are likely to be happy in the new home much faster and with less fuss.

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