Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Outside In: Making Yourself Feel Happier With Some Little External Changes


They say when you're feeling run down and life is overwhelming, you've got to fix this from the inside out. In one respect, it's a more organic way to fix the problems, but this is a long journey, and if we want to feel better about ourselves, sometimes it is the aspects on the surface that we need to fix, because we see them all the time. When our mental health is severely impacted, and we are looking for those little ways to treat ourselves and to make us happier, sometimes we have to work from the outside in…

Making Those Little Fixes

There are those little things which can get us down, perhaps it's that crooked tooth or we have an issue with our hair, but there are things we can do to fix these. Whether it is having an ARTAS hair transplant or actually going to the dentist to fix that tooth, this could make all the difference. Because when we feel we’ve got a negative attitude towards ourselves, and it's directed at one thing, if we fix this, we could very well feel ourselves relaxing.


When we feel negative, this impacts our body language in every aspect. There are many ways that people embody happiness. A lot of athletes embody that whole aspect of positive self-talk, and smiling to yourself in the mirror is another one of those tricks. You may very well think that it's corny, but scientifically speaking, it works!

Throwing Away The Definition Of Beauty

We've all got our own perspectives of what is attractive, and we project the aspects we don't have on to ourselves. When we look in the mirror, it's about focusing on the things that we can find attractive. It could be very difficult at the very outset when we have a negative frame of mind, and when we are so focused on what we consider to be attractive, we miss so many other things. It can take a long time, but you can start right now by looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing something that you are happy about. But we all have something that we like about ourselves, no matter how trivial it may be.

Stop Comparing Yourself

If you compare yourself to others, especially those that are younger than you, it's the mental equivalent of beating yourself around the head on a daily basis. It is a very simple thing, but if you continually compare yourself to other people, even those that are the same age, you are going to end up being frustrated. It's impossible for us to be exactly like that person, and as we get older we place more pressure upon ourselves. Rid yourself of the burden of comparing yourself to others.

You are you, nobody else. And when you feel unhappy for a specific reason, there are superficial fixtures that can be made. When we look at ourselves in the mirror and think that everything is inadequate, we've got to focus on our happiness, because this is what will benefit us in the long run; it's not all done from the inside out.

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