Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Refreshing Internal Business Practices To Stop Cybercrime

No business is completely void of being harassed and attacked by cybercriminals. It's the way of the world unfortunately as businesses of all kinds are regularly attacked. However, there is some debate being had as to whether criminals force their way in, or they are let in by an unwitting employee. Many believe that it's a combination of both and yet the majority of small businesses don’t take into account the latter threat. An employee that is not following good practices will not just allow the cybercriminals in, but they will open up the door and roll the red carpet for them. This is why every business must refresh it's internal practices that will stop these things from occuring in the first place.

Long, complicated and strong

The simple act of creating a password is not to be overlooked by anyone. There used to be a standard practice of having a 6 digit password, and then it was 8, then 10 and now it's 12. However, there must be at least one capital letter, two numbers and one other sign such as a hyphen or a plus or minus symbol. This is something that all your employees must have for their accounts that they access at work. For all there other accounts which they use to access work online, this practice should be enforced too. Yet, having a long and strong password isn’t enough. Eventually hackers will find a way in, what they don’t like dealing with is having to start over again due to a new password being set. Therefore, have a business practice of resetting the passwords every 3 or 4 months.

Organizational awareness

Large businesses have the resources to continuously retrain their employees so that the newest threats are understood. Small businesses however have to use good old fashioned elbow grease and take it upon themselves to train their entire staff instead of hiring companies to do it for them. But don’t worry, you can implement a high organizational awareness but using an affordable managed security service such as the one over at There own IT engineers will work closely with you for internal network protection and showing you the modern improvised ways that cybercriminals are entering data stores and penetrating through firewalls. An awareness session can be had with the service for all your managers to take notes from and also, use those notes to then do some homework reading.

Stay with the ball

The software that you use from other companies is in danger and they know it. That’s why they constantly shell out updates so that whatever new threats there may be their customers don’t have to worry about it. It should go without saying but don’t get lazy and forget to update your programs. Make sure each employee is up to date with the latest factory versions so each machine is protected.

Internal business practices have to be constantly renewed and refreshed. So instead of just focusing on external threats, consider what you’re doing about the clumsy mistakes that could happen internally.

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