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Top 4 Reasons You're Not Fully Recovering From An Injury

Give your body time to heal by resting.
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It's impossible to go through life without picking up at least one injury. It might be an accident that causes significant physical damage, or it could be a muscle tear that happened due to working out too hard. Whatever the case, you've been injured in some fashion.

However, your injury is proving to be a real pain. You can't seem to fully recover, and you don't know why. It feels like you're well enough to return to your regular exercise routine, but the injury flares up after a few days, and you're back to square one.

So, why aren't you fully recovering from this injury? Take a look at these common reasons.

Not enough rest

All injuries need to be rested if they're to heal correctly. The number one biggest reason for your lack of recovery is a lack of rest.

Give your body time to repair the damage; sleep as much as you can, keep as much strain away from the injury as possible, and don't grit your teeth to get through the pain. We're all human, and human bodies need rest when they're hurt.

Lack of treatment

Some of you might get hurt and take matters into your own hands. As such, you don't actually go to a medical specialist for treatment. You rely on the internet and your own knowledge to help fix the injury.

Realistically, you should undergo proper treatment to make your injury heal and recover. Explore different concepts like pain management, osteopathy, chiropractic, muscle therapy, cupping, etc. Try one thing, and if the injury still doesn't heal, then try another. Eventually, you find the proper treatment that works for you, and you can stick to it!

Masking the pain with medication

When you're injured, you could be in a fair bit of pain. So, you turn to medication to help you out. While this can numb the sensation of pain, it does little to help heal your injury. What happens is you feel as though the pain is gone, so you start getting back to your normal routine. Before you know it, your injury is worse as it hadn't recovered and you just masked the pain.

Only take medication when the pain is unbearable. It sounds weird, but pain can be useful. It helps indicate if your injury is recovering or not. As you notice the pain fade naturally, you can ease yourself back into a routine.

Injury rehab will make you stronger and prevent flare-ups.
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No rehab

Injury rehabilitation is arguably more critical than injury recovery. You must do things to prevent the injury from flaring up again. Sometimes, this includes strengthening the injured body part - or strengthening structures around it.

When you get the correct treatment, you are often provided with rehab routines too. If not, then seek them out as they prevent flare-ups and help you recover for good!

There's no use recovering from an injury if it just keeps coming back to haunt you. Eventually, it reaches a point where the injury is with you for life. To avoid this, make sure you recover properly before going back to your usual routine.

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