Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why Lifting Heavy Isn't Always Beneficial To Your Fitness

Conscious of your figure, you can become very impressionable. So many of us go online to find new tips and ways to get the most out of our workouts. We often think that others can teach us things that we would never think of doing. It's kind of like we get out ‘go ahead’ message from people in the fitness world. Well it seems like the right thing to do right? If someone with a great physique is telling you to do something, it must be beneficial all the time, no? Actually, no it won’t be. It's hard to wrap your head around this because you’re unhappy with your body and you’re literally looking and listening to someone who does have the body you would like to have. But there is one thing that most fitness icons will tell you straight to your face, ‘don’t lift heavy’. Here are a few reasons why lifting heavy actually hinders your progress to reach your fitness goals.

Spurred in the moment

Heavy lifting is great for building mass. It helps your muscles to gain strength and size quickly but what pays the price are your joints. The cartilage between your bones especially pays a heavy toll because this squishy semi-solid tissue acts like a buffer between the bones. It provides bounce in the joints and comfortable movement. When this is compressed to the absolute limit due to heavy weights, then the pressure has nowhere else to release from except your bones. This can create bones spurs which are little pieces of excess bone growths that harden over time and limit movement. This can also be painful there is less flex in the bone and pressure can build up.

A gut-busting workout

When the human body is pushed to lift something heavy, the core is incredibly taxed. We feel the pressure build up and up in our bodies until we feel like we’re going to burst. Well unfortunately, that can actually happen in the form of a hernia. This is when an internal part of your body is forced through an area of muscle. The most common forms of hernia are actually done when lifting heavy. The small intestines tend to break through the abdominal wall and stick outside. For this to be correct you will need to contact one of the Best General Surgeon that can perform off-based surgeries such as hernia correction.

Lack of oxygen

Lifting heavy is not recommended for a number of reasons but one of the most prevalent is the fact that the body tends to not get enough oxygen. In powerlifting tournaments, it's not entirely uncommon for competitors to actually fall down unconscious from a prolonged lack of breath. This happens because our bodies are so tense that our normal breathing function ceases to occur. Controlling your breathing while lifting is taught to beginners from day one because of how important it is so don’t underestimate what not following this advice can do to you in the gym.

Lifting heavy does have its place in fitness but it's not recommended as part of your daily workout routine. Take care and remember that walking out the gym on your own two feet is not to be taken for granted.

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