Friday, June 21, 2019

4 Essential Tips For Cross-Country Moves

The world has never been smaller than it is now. Whereas in the old days, a move across the country would be something of a life or death experience, today it is a comparative walk in the park. Each year, thousands of people up sticks and head to a new state in order to begin a new job. Yet while we talk about it like it’s nothing (“Jennifer is moving to California”), the truth is that these moves are monumental. It has to be when it involves such a dramatic change to what you know. There are ways you can make it easier on yourself, however. We take a look at a few essential tips below that’ll ensure it’s a smooth process.

A Slow Process

You shouldn’t jump into any big decision, and that, of course, includes moving cross-country. Before you decide, you’ll need to have as much information as possible. The more you have, the better you’ll be able to figure out whether it’s the right thing for you. You’ll have your own reasons for wanting or not wanting a job, but what about the new location? Take a read of the general lifestyle, and see if it’s a life you can see yourself living. Just as important will be researching the cost of living -- you’ll kick yourself if you’re getting paid the same, but the cost of living is 1.5x what it is where you currently live. Take things slowly, and wait until you’re sure it’s the right thing for you.

The Logistics of the Move

Once you’ve figured out the deeper reasons why you would want to move, you’ll need to think about the logistical and practical side of things. It takes a lot of effort to move an entire life down the street, let alone cross-country. The main obstacles will be figuring out how to get yourself and your belongings there. For your stuff, hand over the responsibility to a company like Allied Van Lines -- they’ll ensure it arrives there in one piece. For yourself, take a look at driving. You need to get your car there anyway.

Make It Fun

There’ll be stress and tears when it comes to moving, but it’s better to have a more positive and fun approach to the whole thing. It’s not like you need to move forever, plus, this is an exciting opportunity you’re about to undertake. If you don’t feel excited, then perhaps the move isn’t for you. The journey there can be part of the fun -- there’s nothing like a long road trip to get you into that “isn’t life amazing” vibe -- exactly the attitude when you’re on an adventure.

Give It Time

However, you can’t expect to live in a state of excitement forever. Eventually, the novelty will wear off, and you’ll be wondering if it was the right move after all. It was! It just won’t always feel like it. Don’t freak out if you feel homesick; just ride it out, and wait for the good times to come back.

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