Thursday, June 13, 2019

5 Things Most Freelancers Don't Do Enough Of

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Many salaried workers dream of going freelance and working for themselves. And it’s easy to see why. When viewed from a cubicle in an air conditioned office, the life of a freelancer must look extraordinarily appealing. No commute. No frantic rush for the train. No nightmarish rush hour traffic. No office politics and squabbling. No boss breathing down your neck. Heck, freelancing must look like absolute paradise. But the grass is always greener on the other side. Sure, there are many inherent benefits to freelancing. Which is why so many of us could never imagine going back to the rat race. Nonetheless, freelancing brings with it it’s own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges most freelancers face is taking care of themselves both mentally and physically.

To a freelancer, time is money, and in chasing their livelihood sometimes freelancers can neglect to make time for themselves. As such, here are five things that most freelancers really don’t do enough of.

“Clock off” when they should

In your salaried job, you’d bolt out of your seat and away from your desk, the moment the clock struck 5. Short of paid overtime or a broken ankle, nothing could keep you at your desk for a moment longer. When you’re a freelancer, however, keeping regular hours can be surprisingly challenging. There always seems to be a loose end that needs to be tied up before you can call it a day. However, this can represent a slippery slope. Over time you can find that you’re tethered to your desk for longer and longer with each passing week. Get into the habit of establishing a “clocking off” time and leaving anything that can wait until the morning.


There was a time when your lunch break was the best part of the day. Now that you’re a freelancer, however, meal breaks can seem like a profit-sapping inconvenience. Nonetheless, you need to take the time to eat, even if you’re eating at your desk. Going without food can impede concentration and make you feel stressed and irritable.

Go on vacation

Oh how we can pine for the days when our employers would actually pay us to take time off work. Unfortunately, when you’re a freelancer paid vacations are a thing of the past. But that most certainly does not mean that you should avoid taking time off.

Going on vacation gives your mind and body a much needed rest while also helping you to make precious memories, meet new people and immerse yourself in new cultures. Take an all inclusive trip with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, see the world or at least book a weekend getaway every now and then. If you fail to take time off you may find yourself burning out. And that won’t benefit you or your clients.

Drink water

Hydration is extremely important for effective cognition and to keep your moods stable while keeping workplace stress at bay. While coffee may be the fuel that powers freelancers all over the world, this delicious beverage should supplement a steady stream of fresh drinking water… But never supplant it!

Get out of the “office”

Finally, as perfectly appointed as your home office may be, a change of scenery can work wonders, especially when you’re faced with creative block and the well of ideas runs dry. Get out of the office at least once a week. Find somewhere relaxing and tranquil in which to work. You may be surprised by the difference it makes!

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