Thursday, June 27, 2019

5 Ways To Tranform Your Home Today

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Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and have a brand new home? Even if you adore your space, it’s easy to get too familiar with it. Especially if you work from home, too. If you’re craving something new, you don’t need to go to the extreme lengths of moving. Here are some fun ways to transform your existing space today.

Mix up your sleeping space

Your bedroom is one of the major rooms in your home. It’s arguably the most important, too. Sleeping right is key to your health, well being, and productivity. Transform your bedroom today by having a total declutter. A fun place to start is by channeling the famous Marie Kondo and clearing out your closet. Find out more about her decluttering approach at

To create a zen sleeping space, you might also want to remove any electrics from your room. If your desk is in there, and there’s somewhere else it could go, swap it out right now. You want your bedroom to be a chillout zone. Don’t let electronics and work creep in. Instead, swap in some scented candles, delicate lighting, and comfy cushions. Install a blackout blind and the softest blankets you can find. You might be surprised to see how these tiny actions can transform your life.

Rearrange the furniture

One of the quickest and most fun transformations is to rearrange your belongings! It costs nothing but has a big impact. Switch up your living space to open it up. Consider creating zones within your living space. For example, cluster your couch and TV together and scatter some floor cushions for a chillout zone. Or you could make a productive area with your desk, bookshelves, and sound system. Consider placing your desk in front of the window for plenty of natural light to boost productivity.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

Start a DIY project

A small DIY project can add a big spark to your home. Have you ever tried restoring old furniture? Get a second-hand coffee table which you can give a distressed or shabby chic look, or make some bookshelves out of old pallets. You could macrame your own plant hangers or paint a feature wall. Whatever project you choose, let your creative juices flow, and add your personal touch to your living space!

Plan for future renovations

Is there a big house project you’ve been putting off? Maybe it’s a refurbishment or even an extension. This type of significant transformation will take more than a day, but you can lay the groundwork now. Every project has to start somewhere. Why not spend the day dreaming up your plans? You can find a home visualizer at, which you can use to bring your project ideas to life and see how they would look. Once you have a good idea of your plans, you can start reaching out to contractors and getting quotes to make your dream a reality.

Add some greenery

Scattering some indoor plants is the quickest way to transform your space. Some of the best plants for your home are the ones that improve air quality. A peace lily is an excellent addition to your bedroom, since it absorbs toxins and releases oxygen at night, giving your sleep a boost. Aloe vera, spider plants, and snake plants are also popular choices. Having more plants in your home instantly adds more visual interest and can also boost your wellbeing. Get a good range of tall, small, and hanging plants to make the room look the most dynamic.

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