Thursday, June 20, 2019

Choosing The Right Carpet for Your Home

The trend nowadays focuses more on hard floorings but still, some people are interested in putting carpets on their home. Keeping their home in style without spending too much plus the comfort it gives makes it an all-time favorite for many.

Knowing the basic background in types of carpet, carpet construction, the density and weight face, and the pattern can help you come up with the right carpet for your home. Let us talk about the primary things to think about before buying one.

Types of Carpet

Nylon Fiber - It is the most known carpet material. Soft, durable, and resistant to stains and scratches are the characteristic of this carpet type.

Polyester Fiber - This type is known for its ability to hold lively colors with less chance of fading. It is favorable to nature since the material is made out of recycled plastic bottles. This fiber is good for allergic people because it is hypoallergenic. The downside, it can wear quickly in high-traffic areas.

Polypropylene Fiber - This is also known as olefin and often used as a synthetic wool substitute due to its similarity with wool. This fiber is highly stain-resistant except for oil-based spills which will be difficult to remove from the carpet's fibers. Therefore, it is not recommended for kitchen and dining rooms. It is also not as strong as nylon, so it is often used in looped Berber styles.

Wool Fiber - This is a natural fiber that is capable of maintaining its shape despite heavy appliance or footwork. The drawback, it is expensive compared to synthetic fiber. Since it can easily absorb spills, it certainly is susceptible to staining. You have to think twice if you are putting it in your dining room or kid's room.

Carpet Construction

Cut Pile is the most common and popular construction. Saxony has a refined surface that works well with traditional interiors. Textured plush is good for busy rooms since textures can hide footprints. Frieze has an informal look but great for areas with high-traffic.

Loop Pile has loops of the same height to create a uniform look. This style can last a long time in high-traffic areas but sensitive to pulling. Berber styles today are level loop styles with a design of contrasting colors.

Density And Face Weight

Carpet density has to do with the spacing of carpet fibers into the carpet backing also known as tufting. The closer it is, the greater the density of the carpet. Density is essential for areas with a high amount of traffic such as the stairs or hallways. Carpet face weight refers to the measurement of how heavy is a carpet's fiber weighs per square yard. The higher weights will provide greater levels of quality.


Patterns in a carpet can provide a rich layer of sophistication and style to any room. A perfect pattern combined with colors can add texture to your space to have the ambiance that you desire.

Trends for carpet pattern today include small squares or diamond-shaped patterns. Some abstract styles such as wave patterns can also be found. Bold geometric design can be a playful choice for any room.

Remember that patterns require extra yardage to match at the seams. It is also suggested to take home samples to see the actual effects of the pattern in your home.

Yes, carpet is a timeless choice for many but make sure it will meet your needs. Knowing the best carpet that suits your home will make your effort worthy. You can ask a friendly salesperson from the local stores near you and the carpet installer will be knocking at your door in no time.

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