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Essential Advice For Cooking The Perfect Romantic Meal At Home

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Whether you are looking to reignite the flame in a long-standing relationship or you're seeing someone new, cooking at home can be a great way to show the other person how much they mean to you. Of course, you will want what you prepare to not only be as impressive as possible but as romantic and delicious as it can be as well. Something you can get some advice on in my post below.

The setting

The first thing you need to get right when making a romantic dinner at home actually has nothing to do with the food. Instead, you need to pay attention to the setting in which you will host. This means that at the very least it needs to be clean and tidy, because you don't want to present the image of yourself as being a slob, and many people can't relax enough to feel the romantic spirit if they are surrounded by mess and clutter.

It never hurts to go the extra mile either, and that means creating a romantic and cozy ambiance. One way to do this is to lower the lights and properly set the table. This means a table cloth, polished cutlery in the correct settings, wine glasses, and even some flowers or a rose in a vase.

General tips on the menu

However, it doesn't mean that if you get your setting right, you can slack off on the food. In fact, this is the star of the show. Just remember to keep the food delicious but relatively light, and try and avoid anything too pungent like lots of garlic, unless you will both be eating it in equal quantities!

The starter

Bruschetta may seem like a good starter idea, but the bread can make it too filling. Image Source
The starter is the dish that you will use to open the show, and as such, it needs to be impressive. It also needs to be light, and just tickle the taste buds in preparation for what is to come. What that means is dishes should stay away from bread and bread products like bruschetta as this can too quickly fill people up. Instead, why not try a new twist on a salad starter favorite and make spinach and mango to start?

Alternatively, you may want to go for something that has the potential to be a little more romantic and definitely a lot more fun, which is a soft baked cheese like a Camembert. You can then provide crudites or roasted veg such as Brussel sprouts, and even pieces of cured meat like chorizo to dip into the fondue cheese.

Do remember though, that for this to work correctly you will need to use a cheese that is made from unpasteurized milk. Otherwise, you will get a lumpy unappetizing mess. Just be sure to check with the person that you are cooking for beforehand that they are OK to eat this, as some people cannot consume unpasteurized dairy for health reasons.

The main course

Once you have your starter sorted, it's time to think about the main course. Now, there are a myriad of options here, but something that is always sure to impress, if it's cooked well is steak.

Of course, the cooking really is the kicker here, because if you are not adept at getting it right regarding rare, medium or well done then, it's unlikely that you will impress your guest as you would like.

To that end, choosing sous vide filet mignon for such a meal may be the best option. The reason being that not only is it one of the best cuts of meat, but the sous vide, or water bath method of cooking will ensure that it remains rare in the middle without overcooking the outside. This method of cooking also ensures the justice of the steak are retained and used in the cooking process, and by adding butter and herbs, you can create succulent steak without too much hassle at all.

In fact, no matter the type of meat you choose whether its steak, or chicken, lamb, or pork, sous-viding is definitely a smart way of creating a restaurant-quality main in your own home that is bound to impress.

The side dishes

Now, while the main event will be the meat you serve, you will also want to include some vegetable side dishes as well. Don't be afraid of choosing fries here either, as if done well they can be a delicious and classy option to accompany your main.

In fact, you can choose to make chunky triple cooked fries that are super crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside to partner the meat your serve. Alternatively, if you are looking for something different, you can use a spiralizer to make shoestring fries instead. The great thing about these being that you get loads from even a single potato and they are deliciously crisps all the way through.

Don't forget the non-carb veggie side dishes as well. In fact usually, one of these will do, and stir-fried cabbage with blue cheese and pine nuts can work very well. Alternatively, you may wish to go for something more Mediterranean in nature and do some roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and artichokes, perhaps in balsamic glaze, as this will match well with any type of sous vide meat perfectly.

The dessert

Once your main course is over, the perfect way to end your romantic meal is with a dessert. Now, a word to the wise here, if you are your partner have already eaten all the food mentioned above the likelihood is that you are feeling pretty full by this point.

What that means is bringing out a huge dessert to further fill you up with might not be the best idea. Instead, it can be a smart move to get some real coffee brewing and end the meal with one or two choice high-quality chocolates instead.

Then you will still get the endorphins from the chocolate hit, as well as the digestive and invigorating effect on the coffee, without all the bulk! Something that makes it the best way to end a romantic meal when cooking at home.

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