Monday, June 24, 2019

How to get roadside assistance with a rented car while on vacation?

What is Roadside Assistance?

If something goes wrong mechanically with your rented car, the company will assist you. The company might be towing you back to your holiday accommodation. The company can arrange to swap for a new one, or they might get you back on the road by outsourcing services like in Concord Auto Body Shop.


Meanwhile, the idea of buying roadside assistance through the breakdown cover at the rental car counter will be a good idea. After all, the cost is relatively affordable at $4 to $7 per day giving you the benefit of peace of mind to know that you can get help on the road if you have a breakdown.

However, when getting a breakdown cover, you must be aware that there are breakdown cover providers that offer only limited coverage. Some of these are locking keys in the vehicle, losing keys, running out of fuel or jump starting if you run out your battery. Some providers cover accidents or collision of a mechanical breakdown.

Do you need Roadside Assistance when renting a car?

The up-front answer is that it depends on your needs during your trip. If you regularly travel to the same place by hiring a car, then you may be needing this kind of service. However, if you often visit a location using a rented vehicle, then getting one might be an additional cost.

When you regular head- off lovely road-trip is few thousand miles into less populated areas of the United States, the one thing you do not want is to be stuck with distant miles from your home or locked out in a car park because your keys fell into the river that you were kayaking. If you are going for an action-packed holiday, then an additional package of roadside assistance will ensure that the action doesn’t have to end early.

Points to ponder when getting Rental Car Roadside Assistance

Things to remember when choosing a provider:


  • There are Rental Car Roadside Assistance that is bust
    There are some rental car companies offering packages of roadside assistance capable of providing the service correctly. Make sure that the provider will have a complete roadside assistance program. Some customers complain that companies let them wait for hours and days before the response came. 

    Typically, rental companies rely on contract-based services from external providers or organizations. A company that offers new and well-maintained vehicles usually are having roadside protection for free under manufacturers' under program agreements. In this case, a car manufacturer includes roadside assistance to the rental car company. Often, the sales personnel of the company will try to give sales pitch on their roadside assistance package.
  • Personal Auto Insurance might not cover Rental Car Roadside Assistance
    Mostly, travelers get a personal auto insurance policy and thinking that rental car roadside assistance is part of the package. Most of the individual auto insurance deals do not include rental car roadside assistance. However, some providers cover even when you rent a car. Always check to see the coverage of your policy before you assume that services are the same for your auto and a rental car.

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