Saturday, June 22, 2019

How To Manage Your Time & Family When You Work From Home

When you’re a work at home mom, you know your life is always going to be busy. There’s this super strange (and inaccurate) theory that if you work from home, you’re freelance, or you have your own business, then you’ve got a ton of free time. After all, what do you do all day? You do a little work, a lot of chores, and more of nothing – right? WRONG! For some reason, your family, friends, and even random strangers may feel as if you just have all of this free time in the day to anything that they need to you – run around after the children, do chores and errands, take care of people or pets, visit people – or even fun stuff like go for brunch. And while brunch is definitely on the nicer end of that scale, you still can’t just head off doing what you like when you actually have work to do. It can be frustrating.

Because when you’re a work at home mom, whether you’re a blogger, a writer, a freelancer, you have a business or you’re contracting for a company, you still have career responsibilities. They may even be huge! Maybe you’ve got a lot of work on, and you’re really struggling to manage your time? It happens. When you have a family and you want to be able to create that easy home environment, you have pets to care for, a marriage or partnership, friends, a social life, and you’d like to look after your health, it’s tough to balance it all. But not impossible. Let’s take a look at some ideas that may just help you here.

Create Priorities

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to make a list of your priorities. Because when you’re struggling with boundaries, time management, different tasks, and expectations, you need to work out what's most important to you. Whether you want to prioritize work, family time, or anything else, you need to know in your own mind what matters, so that you can worry less about the other stuff.

Have A Calendar

Now, when it comes to making a bit of a better go of your daily routine, you need to turn to your calendar. Because if you’re then able to manage your schedule in the most productive way, you’ll find that you’re able to weed out a lot of your issues, because you’ve maximized on your time more efficiently.

Distribute Jobs

The next step that you’ll want to think about here, is looking at the errands or chores that you tend to have, and dividing them up a little more fairly. Your partner or children may be able to help our more. Or, you can hire help if you have the resources to do so.

Have A Little Black Book

Now, you know that you’re always going to have errands to do as a mom (and a grown-up!). But, there are ways to manage them a little easier. Having a list of contacts on hand helps. From a seamstress to a gardener – you then know who to call when you need help. But not only that, you can have your doctor to hand and you should find a vet to include here too. Even these crucial contacts are important to have close by for efficiency and peace of mind.

Slow Down A Little

Another really simple move here is just to slow down. Always being on the go isn’t impressive or productive. Instead, if you slow down a little, it can help you to manage more easily.

Say No

And, of course, you can just say no! If others are always asking a lot of you because you’re at home and apparently available, just remember that you can say no! You don’t have to feel pressured into helping out – because you do have work to do, especially if you’ve scheduled it!

Change Your Pace

Another thing that can do here is just change the pace a little. If you’re stuck in a routine that’s not working for you, you may find that you just need to think about changing the pace a little. Get out into the garden, work from a café, try to move your day around a little to see if you can find a better way of working. Sometimes, just shaking things up can really work out for you.

Set Better Expectations

From here, you’re then going to find that it very much does help you if you can set much better expectations for what you want. If you can be a lot clearer with those around you, they’ll know where they are too. So if you don’t want to be asked to do various tasks throughout the day, then setting these expectations, not only to yourself but for others, can be one of the best things you can do to manage better.

Drop Tasks Altogether

You may find that it’s actually useful for you to be able to just drop some of your tasks altogether. All know that there are things that we should stop doing, and that we’d love to be able to drop – so why not do it? You’ve made your priorities and you know what you want to focus on, so let the rest go!

Be More Confident

And finally, something that will really help you to make this all work and feel less stressed about being so busy, is to be more confident. You’re busy, yes - but you have priorities and you need to put them first. Be confident about that. You’re a writer or a business owner or whatever, and if someone asks you to watch their kids, or your asked to pick up dry cleaning, say confidently that you’re working, or you can’t or politely decline. The more courage you have in your convictions, the less stressed out you’re going to be!

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