Friday, June 28, 2019

Why Having a Dog and Being a Freelancer Is a Perfect Match

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Being a freelancer has its many pros and cons. You have the freedom and flexibility to do as you please when you please. You’re your own boss, and nobody can tell you what to do. Though it isn’t all plain sailing, you may face different issues to those that are employed, but the problems are still there regardless. Combatting those problems is something that all freelancers strive to do. And believe it or not, a dog can assist with many of those problems! You might want a dog anyway, and so hey, you’re your own boss, you make the rules, who says you can’t have a dog in the office? That’s the life of a freelancer!

Who doesn’t love a dog? You might have always toyed with the idea of getting a puppy, but there are some limitations and problems that owning a dog can present. The number one issue is simply not being able to be there for the dog. It’s common practice to ensure that your dog is not left on its own for longer than a couple of hours, with working at an office away from your home, this is often a problem that cannot be avoided, and thus, you avoid the idea of owning a dog altogether. Though with being a freelancer and generally working from home, that problem is circumnavigated and you’re free to allocate your time how you see fit. And with a bit of smart decision making, voila! You have fulfilled your life long dream of having your very own dog.

As a freelancer, likelihood is that you’re working alone and so it’s common that you’ll end up feeling a bit lonely every so often, wishing for some company. With a dog, you’re always in good company! A compassionate being that is always there for you, no matter the time of day. Feeling a bit blue? Cuddle up with your dog. Need someone to talk to? Talk to your dog. Feeling unloved? Beckon your dog. They’re a best friend that will never judge you.

Being homebound as a freelancer is a gift and a curse at the same time. You’re comfortable in your own home, and you can get up, and be at work in an instant, no commuting and no sitting aimlessly in traffic. Though this often means you never leave the office in a sense. And so you can end up feeling a bit claustrophobic. Owning a dog will mean that you’re inclined to go outside and take them for a walk, poop, pee, etc. It’s a great reason to get you out of the house and out and about. Perhaps you want to enjoy the sun and work? Get your dog a dog house, and the two of you can enjoy the outdoors. A dog will force you to get on your feet, so be prepared for that.

On the face of it, having a dog sounds like a joy, and it is! Though you must consider all the caveats of owning a dog. Do you have space? The time? Is it financially viable? It has to be a wise decision, but if you’re lucky enough to be in the position of having your very own, you’ll never look back.

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