Monday, July 22, 2019

5 Crucial Things To Know Before Travelling To China

China isn’t often seen as a typical holiday destination, but it’s a brilliant place to travel to. There’s a lot to see and do, and it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the culture. The food is stunning as well, which is always a bonus.

Before you set off, you have to be prepared. So, here are some crucial things to know before you head to China.

Expect delays everywhere

The thing about China is that it’s so densely populated. As a result, getting around can be tough. Expect delays thanks to clogged up roads all the time. When it’s time to leave, make sure you give it a good few hours to reach the airport before your flight. Also, you can save a lot of time by walking as much as you can around the different towns/cities. Or, pay for an authentic rickshaw to weave in between the stagnated traffic!

Street food is often the best food

The street food scene in China serves up some incredible delights. It’s usually better than what’s in the restaurants - and that’s saying something! As a general rule of thumb, look at the queues for street food stands. If there’s no queue, then this tells you something about the quality. The longer the line, the nicer the food will be.

The internet is different

Obviously, you’ll need internet access during your trip. In China, things are a bit different. They have a firewall that blocks off all Western social media - like Twitter, Instagram, etc. Plus, your mobile phone definitely won’t work there. So, get a SIM card and buy a VPN. The SIM lets you call and text, and the VPN lets you use your social media. Also, it can be helpful to get a pocket wifi in china as well. Essentially, you use this to connect to the mobile networks there - instead of using your SIM card. Why? Because SIM cards are locked to the region you’re in, so you can’t get online elsewhere. Plus, they’re usually more expensive, so pocket wifis are more convenient.

Cash is used more than cards

Most restaurants and shops only accept cash in China. You can use your card to pay for the hotel, but make sure you have plenty of cash on your trip. If you do have to use your card, make sure you tell your bank before the trip. If you don’t, they’ll probably block your card because they think someone has stolen your bank details.


The culture is wildly different

Life in China is different from wherever you live right now. It’s not the same as the Western world; Chinese people are used to a certain way of life. For example, there’s plenty of pushing and shoving in queues and busy places. The locals are used to dealing with crowds everywhere that they go, so don’t be offended if someone pushes into you as they try and get past. Spitting is also seen as a regular thing here; Chinese people spit instead of blowing their nose. So, don’t be freaked out if you see this happening.

China should be a bucket-list destination for everyone. It’s a unique place with so much to offer - give it a chance!

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