Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Finding Things To Do In San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
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San Francisco has long been one of the West Coast’s most popular destinations. Countless tourists flock to this area from across the world each year, and the city has far more going for it than a lot of other examples across the US. What exactly is there to see and do in The Golden City, though? To help you to discover the magic of this city, this post will be exploring some of its greatest attractions.

Pier 39

Starting with something fairly tame, Pier 39 is a great spot for those who want to spend a day shopping, sightseeing, and having fun. You will find an array of restaurants and street food venders here, along with the chance to spot a sea-lion or two. There are few places in cities like this which offer the chance to experience so much for free, and this makes it worth leaping at the chance to visit this one.


Most people have heard of the notorious prison sitting on Alcatraz Island. Like many visitors to this fine city, you may be asking yourself is Alcatraz Prison Haunted? With a visit to this daunting place, you will have the opportunity to test this out for yourself, but you’ll have to brave stepping foot in the place before you can make up your mind.


San Francisco’s Chinatown is one of the oldest examples of an area like this across the whole of the US. Embodying the spirit of a land far away, this provides an intriguing contrast to the rest of the city. Stepping through the famous Dragon’s Gate will plunge you into an area like no other, filled with shops, food places, and plenty of traditional Chinese entertainment to keep the whole family occupied.

Lombard Street

It’s hard to talk about San Fran without taking a look at Lombard Street. To make up for the steepness of the hill this road is built on, the whole thing snakes its way down, curving at extreme angles for its whole length. While there isn’t much to do here, it’s nice and close to plenty of other attractions, making it well worth a quick visit.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Finally, as the last location to think about, it’s time to take a visit to The Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge itself is always painted red, despite the name, but this doesn’t take anything away from its majesty. The bridge is a mile wide, making it one of the most impressive suspension bridges in this part of the US. Taking a trip across the bridge is a great way to see some stunning views, and there are plenty of vantage points which give you clear views of the bridge itself.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to take a trip to the sunny city of San Francisco. There is loads to do in a place like this, and this list is only scratching the surface. If you’d like to find out more about this part of the world, it’s worth doing some research for yourself.

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