Friday, July 19, 2019

Fruit Blast the Slot Game

Fruit and slot machines go together like a horse and carriage, there’s no arguing that. You can play many of these slot machines online now like over at Since their inception this has been true, and now, in the burgeoning world of online slots, it could not be a more prevalent combination. The thing is though, as with other themes such as Ireland, the fruit motif can end up being overused, and its therefore of paramount importance that developers seek to make their games stand out from the rest. Enter Fruit Blast, a unique and adrenaline-charged online slot that takes the fruit machine style and makes it completely its own.

About Fruit Blast and its Bonus Features

Skillzz Gaming are responsible for the creation of Fruit Blast, and straight off the bat you can see that they are far more inventive than a host of other developers. The action takes place in an exotic bar that is set on a tranquil harbour side, an idyllic setting that gets you in the mood before you have even started spinning. And it is here that things get even more exciting, because Fruit Blast has a novel format when compared to the vast majority of standard 5x3 reel slots. Whilst you are normally expected to line symbols up in accordance with a fixed pay-line, in this slot you must instead select combinations in block patterns. It works in much the same way as games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush, therefore giving much more scope for player skill to trump simple chance.

It immediately sets Fruit Blast apart from its cotemporaries in the online slot industry, and the unique nature of this game doesn’t stop there. In a homage to popular games where you must unlock achievements to progress up levels, Skillzz Gaming have incorporated this into their slot. Players have to complete tasks such as “play 3 games” or “fill 1 cherry” in order to level up, each time gaining some more tantalizing bonus offers.

About Skillzz Gaming and Other Games by Them

Skillz Gaming are relative new kids on the block when it comes to the online slots industry. They were founded in 2015, however don’t let this fool you into thinking they don’t have the knowledge necessary to craft some seriously good slot titles, as each of the 3 founding fathers were hugely experienced in the industry before this venture. And it shows, Skillzz Gaming have a seriously impressive back-catalogue, all the more so because they are unafraid to break the mould. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of their other slots for confirmation:

  • Pets Go Wild
  • Mega Money Rush
  • Gems Odyssey

Fruit Blast: The Verdict

There simply aren’t many more slots like Fruit Blast on the market these days, and by virtue of this it is already bound to score very highly indeed. Because of its gameplay this is a title that rewards skill much more than many others, and due to the interesting level-up structure it also has far more longevity. This is an online slot you really don’t want to miss out on.

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