Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Great Gifts For Pet Lovers

Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter if your friend is a cat lover or a dog lover (it might matter to them though) when it comes to spending their time wisely - it will usually be with their furry friend. When birthdays and the festive season comes around it is also going to be well received to give them something for them - and their pet.

Some are DIY, and others aren’t, but either way, they will go down a storm.


People tend to take so many photos of their pets to be shared, it’s nice to get those photos and do something with them. Putting them on pillows, t-shirts and even mugs is cute and pretty funny. Dog art or cat bags aren’t only nice for now, they are lovely in the future when their best buddy is no longer with them.

Custom Food Container

This one might take you a little while, but it is really thoughtful. Using a retro-style metal bin, with a lid has the most beautiful effect. You’ll need some metal paint, in any colour you think will work. Paint the whole thing, and maybe use a different color on the lid for interest. Once done, carefully stencil out the name or the pet and food like this - ‘Bernie’s Food’. You can decorate the rest; however you want. For extra points, fill it up with the food that you know your friend feeds their dog.

DIY Dog Toys

Millions of people are actively trying to reduce the amount of plastic they are buying. Dog chew toys, although small on their own, in millions, can be an issue. Creating eco-friendly dog toys isn’t as hard as you think. Old t-shirts plaited together, big jumpers with knots tied in it, and even old rope are all great choices. Cork with feathers pushed into it is perfect for cats.

Paw Balm

Dog and cat paws can get pretty dry, and a bit scratchy. You can make a balm to keep them soft and healed. The paw balm is made of beeswax and a thin layer applied before they go to bed at night (just like many of us do with our own moisturizer) will be perfect.

Rainbow Leash

A plain white rope leash and a range of dyes are all you will need. Although you might want to get two leads just in case the first one doesn’t go as planned. You can apply the dye in sections with a paintbrush to create a rainbow. Or you might like just to use two colors and go in the direction of the rope weave to make something really cool.

Shareable Snacks

Homemade treats are a really lovely gesture. Imagine if they can both eat them though? Sweet potato is the ideal veggie of choice for this. You can slice the potato lengthwise, and bake them in the oven until they are a little bit crispy. Don’t add any salt or seasoning though - they are sweet enough on their own, and adding too much salt is bad for the pooch - and your friend.

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