Monday, July 8, 2019

Invisible Health Threats At Home

Use natural soap bars in the shower.

Most people are adamant that their home is a healthy place. Indeed, many of us have taken active measures to create a space that supports our healthy lifestyle choices. The kitchen welcomes an abundance of fruit and vegetables, and that includes the now unavoidable fresh kale for your morning smoothie. We all try to cook from scratch whenever possible because everybody knows that processed meals aren’t the best option. Additionally, it’s fair to say that you don’t leave moisture or dust a fighting chance! Years in students’ dorms have taught us many lessons, such as how to best avoid mold formation – how many of us have had to get rid of items that had developed a musty smell at the back of the dorm closet?

However, there is a lot more to healthy homes than that.

Bring quality insulation

Everybody knows to ventilate the bathroom after a hot shower. But it is foolish to assume that the bathroom is the only place that generates moisture inside your home. Indeed, moist air can often find a way in, especially if your insulation solution is not as effective as it should. If you’ve got old windows, it’s a good idea to check them for air infiltration. You can choose replacement fiberglass windows to protect your home from moisture infiltration and heat loss. Typically, your indoor air should have 30%-40% moisture – which is something you can monitor with a sensor.

100% safe cleaning products

Whether you’ve got children or pet, you understand the risk of keeping chemical cleaning products. What you may not know, though, is that bleach and other aggressive cleaning products release harmful particles that can affect your health. You can make your cleaning solutions without any of the harsh ingredients and still achieve the same results. Baking soda is your best friend when it comes to keeping your home spotless; you can use it to clear away grime, unblock drains, and even clean stains.

Your indoor air needs purifying

The naked eye can’t see what your indoor air is made of. But that doesn’t make it healthy! In fact, your indoor air is likely to cause concentration issues, allergies, headaches, and even increase the risk of cancer because of the invisible toxins it contains. Thankfully, purifying your home doesn’t require any dramatic investment. All you need is a pair of green thumbs! According to NASA, some houseplants can actively absorb toxic particles in the air. From Areca palms to rubber plants, you can create a fresh and cleansing interior in a few pots!

Are your shower products effective?

Your indoor air is often blamed for skin conditions such as irritation or dryness. Lack of moisture in the air or the presence of particles is typically the first source of problems. But your shower routine can be just as damaging. Indeed, soaps and shower gels that contain surfactants can strip your skin of its natural oils, which leaves it dry and vulnerable. Additionally, your daily face cleanser could have a similar effect, increasing the risk of wrinkles.

When it comes to creating a healthy home, the devil is in the detail. Indeed, it is often the things you can’t see that can do the most damage. Make sure to pay attention to the signs of moist or dry indoor air, indoor pollution, and aggressive washing products to transform your household into a healthy haven.

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