Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Safe Hacks For A Hygienic Family Home

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Keeping your family safe from illness and your home free from bacteria doesn’t have to be achieved using harsh chemicals. Those very products can lead to much bigger issues and pose a greater risk to your children than any bacteria that might be lurking in your home, so if you want to clean your home in a safe an effective way then you must search for alternative methods. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can get your home to sparkle and shine as a humble hygienic abode should, but without using a single drop of bleach. If you want to discover how you can get started today, read on to discover some top tips to clean naturally.

For The Kitchen

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, some of the ingredients you have inside your store cupboards can actually come in pretty handy. Baking soda can be utilized for so many different jobs, as when combined with water to form a paste you can use this to clear away grime from sinks and surfaces with ease. If you have a blocked drain, combine baking soda with some boiling water to create a solution to pour down the plug hole and clear whatever is clogging the pipework. Vinegar gets rid of grease at an impressive rate, just dilute some with water and spray onto your oven top or counters and allow to rest for a moment before sponging them down to remove any remaining product and collected dirt, Fresh items such as lemons are great for reducing odours, simply cut one in half and pop it inside your refrigerator to banish any sour smells and leave a fresh clean scent. You can also use the juice of a lemon to remove any burnt on marks or splatters against tiles that have been left for some time.

For Your Bathrooms

You may believe that creating a hygienic bathroom can only be done by using strong chemicals like bleach that leave the area as a ‘no go zone’ for your kids for hours. However, this is not actually the case as you can clean your showeroom or ensuite in a safe and natural way without exerting much more effort than your usual routine. Mirrors can be cleaned using microfiber cloths without the need for any additives at all, as the material picks up dust and dirt whilst polishing perfectly at the same time. The baking soda that worked wonders in the kitchen can also function just as well in the bathroom by replacing many of the normal acids that can cause potential risks for your family. By using the paste (baking soda mixed with water) to scrub your shower fittings, taps and drains of the grime hiding in the small cracks and leave them shining nicely. You can also sprinkle it in its pure form around the rim and inside the bowl of your toilet, as it’s abrasive nature is perfect for tough stains. To cover up any of the usual smells a bathroom can contain, try sourcing some of your favourite essential oils to dot onto the bulbs of your light fittings. Whenever you switch on the light, the heat that starts to be produced will encourage the essential oils to release a delicious scent to distract your nose with ease.

A Deep Clean

If you need to do a deeper clean of your home, perhaps due to moving into a new property or having to tidy up after children with little time, you may want to consider outsourcing a professional service. An organic cleaning company can transform your home to make it look amazing and restore hygiene levels to adequate levels, but without the use of nasty chemicals. There are most definitely businesses out there that are so willing to suit your needs and requirements and wholly understand and support your reasoning too. Don’t take on the entire responsibility of cleaning your entire home on your own, as this will take too much time and ultimately leave you feeling as though it will never actually end.

Creating a safe and clean home environment for you and your family to enjoy does not have to be done using strong store bought products. By following the simple steps above you can get started on transforming your humble abode using natural alternatives, in order to ensure your families welfare is considered and there are no risks or dangers that could cause harm to your little ones or any elderly relatives too.

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