Thursday, July 25, 2019

Why You Should Get Your Eyes Tested

Your eyes are important. Close them for a moment and imagine a world where nothing is all that you see. Picture not being able to see loved ones or read your favorite book. Imagine not being able to watch a film, or worse still, the sun going down over a beautiful view.

We often take our senses for granted, but when they start to deteriorate, they'll be missed. Taking the time out now to do everything you can to take care of your eyes, will mean preserving your sight.

How To Look After Your Sight

Getting an eye test is something that is easily put off, but getting one done every couple of years is half an hour well spent.

You'll be asked a few routine questions about your health, and if you suffer from headaches. Often migraines and headaches can be caused by changes in our eyesight.

An optometrist will perform a few routine tests on you, such as getting you to read from a chart, shining lights into your eyes, or blowing air in your eye.

What Does An Optometrist Test For

These tests are designed to look for several things, including glaucoma, which can be very severe and can cause a complete loss in your eyesight.

The most common conditions that a test will pick up are myopia and hyperopia. Or, short and longsightedness.

These occur when the length between the front and back of your eye is not right. Short-sighted people cannot see distances clearly, while long-sighted people struggle with close up, but can see long distances with clarity.


Corrective lenses can be prescribed to help to fix the blurred vision caused by these conditions. These can be in the form of contact lenses, or spectacles. Both have their benefits, and many people opt for a combination of both.

ULTRA Contact Lenses can be reused up to a month, as opposed to daily disposables which are replaced every day.

Contacts are available to suit most prescriptions, and can even include complex prescriptions such as varifocal lenses.

You might have worries about how comfortable they are to wear or put in. However, it's safe to say that once you've put them in and taken them out a few times, it will be very easy and will feel perfectly natural.

The other option you will have is getting a pair of glasses. Which spectacles now available in so many styles and looks, you'll get something that suits the shape of your face and your dress sense.

Lenses can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. If you are someone that lives in sunglasses usually, why not get reactive lenses. When you are in the sun, your reactive lenses will become tinted to protect your eyes.

If you use a computer for much of your day, then anti-glare lenses will help prevent headaches that you might get through looking at a screen. And getting your lenses coated with a scratch-resistant finish will protect them in case of accidents.

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