Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Always Be Aware Of What's In Your Medicine

If you’re someone who often gets sick, and has to rely on various medicines throughout the year, or if you're someone who likes to self remedy with over the counter drugs, you need to be aware of what you’re taking. You should always read through the pamphlet that comes in the box; here you’ll find all of the ingredients, and potential side effects, to make sure you’re aware of what’s going in your body and how it could affect you.

But for some of us, there’s a lot of jargon in the way. A lot of companies like to put reams of ingredients and dosages of each on these informational flyers, and we just don’t know where to start - and most of us just stop reading altogether. But you shouldn’t ever stop there! Why? Because of some of the main reasons below.

You Might Be Allergic

Most medicines work on a compound basis - that is, there’s more than one active ingredient in each, and they often go together like bread and butter. You have little to worry about, and they work wonderfully to both benefit and offset the healing and less than healthy properties certain ingredients might have on their own. You can even check out some of the main formulas for compounding medicine right here, if you’re interested.

But as with most things you can intake, there’s some ingredients out there you might be allergic to. Medicines aren’t effective for everyone who could be prescribed them, after all. And if you’re someone who knows about your need to avoid penicillin and its byproducts, or you’re someone who has a couple of food intolerances already, there’s a good chance a drug you could take might have exactly the opposite effect it’s meant to. Don’t worry, there’s always more than one treatment for every type of ailment out there!

Make sure you ask your doctor about what’s in a certain drug, if you’re unsure about your ability to take them, based on how reactive you know your immune system to be. Your allergies towards a certain drug or similar ingredients should always be noted down in your files.

You Might Simply Be Taking a Placebo

It’s said that about 50% of doctors out there prescribe placebos on a regular basis, just to make their patients feel better about what ails them. And if you know what a placebo is, you know this is definitely less than helpful! If you head to a doctor in search of medical aid, you want to get a solution to a problem you’re having, not just an empty pill that does a good job of tricking you.

A similar problem can go for over the counter or drug store medicines. Some of the brands you find there might just be sugar pills in disguise, so you need to be able to understand the label on the back of the box.

Are you aware of what you’re taking? To live healthily, it’s a good idea to learn.

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