Monday, August 5, 2019

Are You Giving Your Feet The TLC They Deserve?

Our feet are one of the most hardworking parts of the body. They have to take a lot of weight and strain whenever we stand up or are walking around. If you don’t look after them, then they could end up quite sore and looking far from perfect!

Are you giving your feet the TLC that they deserve? Here are some ways you can ensure that your feet are always as healthy as possible.

Get Any Issues Seen To

If you have any problems with your feet that don’t seem to go away on their own, then it could be worth going to see a doctor or a chiropodist about them. If you ever feel pain or discomfort on the ball of your foot, it could be a sign of Morton's neuroma for instance. Other issues that you will need to watch out for include Athlete’s foot, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

Wash Them Regularly

You need to keep your feet clean and dry otherwise you will be putting yourself at risk of developing fungal infections in the nails and between your toes. So, be sure to wash your feet well whenever you have a shower or bath. After you’ve washed them, always dry them well. You might want to put some talcum powder on to ensure that they are thoroughly dried.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You need to make sure that all of the shoes you wear are the correct fit. If you aren’t too sure what shoe size you are, then you should think about going to a shoe shop to get your feet professionally measured. Then your shoes shouldn’t cause blisters or pinch your toes. It’s also advisable not to share your shoes with anyone, as that could easily spread infections.

Cut Your Toenails Properly

Many people trim their toenails without giving it much thought, but if you cut them too close too far down, then it could end up quite painful! You need to use proper toenail cutters and cut them straight across, well away from any skin. If you are nervous about doing this yourself, then you can always book in for a pedicure at your local beauty salon. Not only will this give you the chance to have your toenails expertly trimmed, but you will also benefit from a foot massage and your nails painted in varnish.

Be Careful In Public Areas

Public areas where you will be expected to go barefoot, such as in swimming pools, can be hotbeds of bacteria and germs, putting you at risk of infection. If possible, wear flip-flops when walking around the pool on wet tiles and in the changing areas. It’s also important that you wear footwear in other public places where people will be sweating more than usual, such as at the gym. Once you have finished with your swim or workout, be sure to wash your feet well.

Hopefully, both your feet will feel a lot healthier and look better after using all of the great tips above!

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