Friday, August 9, 2019

Burnout Busting Diet

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When you’re working hard on your business your diet is very often the last thing on your mind as you plough your way through endless cups of coffee and snacks late into the night to get the job done. Yet if you’re looking to maintain your level of work, you’re going to risk burning out completely if you don’t take your diet and your health seriously.

In this article, we’re taking a look at what it takes to keep your body healthy and your energy levels up when you’re working all the hours and what to avoid.

Quick Fix vs Long Term Gain

Sugar has been demonized in the health press for its contribution to the rise of obesity and other related health conditions but the truth is, in small doses it’s not going to cause you any lasting damage. The real issue is if you’re consistently consuming sugary snacks and drinks for that energy buzz and to stop you feeling tired.

Sweet food might be addictive and it might taste great for the duration you’re eating it but in the long term that energy boost quickly goes, leaving you feeling depleted and hungry, not helpful whether you’re a personal injury attorney or freelance designer. Instead think about cutting out or at least down and replacing those chocolate bars with some food that’s going to fuel you, keep you energized and stop you feeling sluggish.

Yes, these snacks are going to require a little preparation but only a few minutes and you’ll thank us for it. Think about swapping out the sugar for protein. Upping your protein levels will keep you fuller for longer and help provide you with more natural energy when combined with carbs. Think hummus dip with raw salad vegetables or vegetable-made tortilla chips. You’re not losing out on taste but you introducing some protein and some fresh vegetables into your day, the easy way.

Small Changes

Lead to big differences and just making sure you consume a little more fresh food will help to banish those sugar cravings. Your diet doesn’t have to be perfect. In truth not many people’s is, but it has to support you in what you do and help boost your performance rather than harm it.

Don’t just think about your food intake but also take a look at what you’re drinking. Coffee is amazing and also highly addictive, sure it will keep you going late into the night but risking losing good quality sleep is a no-no. Think about switching to decaf after noon and allowing your body to rid itself of caffeine ready for bed. You’ll sleep better and feel better for it.

You’re working hard but that doesn’t mean you should put your health and wellbeing at the bottom of the pile. Make those few changes that lead to a better, healthier, more productive you. You want to grow your business and you’re working hard to achieve that but that’s not going to happen if you’re burnt out and ill. Look after yourself as your best employee and feel better.

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