Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Contemporary Elements Your Home Should Have

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Contemporary touches can enhance any home, no matter what your style is. Effective in both minimalist, modern environments and traditional, character properties, contemporary elements are a great way of improving your home and enhancing your living areas.

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Add a dash of color

Neutral tones, such as white, greys, creams or beiges, are perfect undertones, but a bright splash of color will help to bring your home to life. Accent colors can be used sparingly but incorporating them into your décor can help to create a bespoke and contemporary feel. While furniture, cushions, throws and vases can all be purchased in bright colors, you can opt for more vibrant fixtures and fittings too. Keep an eye out for brands which use colors to enhance the aesthetic of kitchenware, for example, and you’ll have a cool, contemporary kitchen in no time.

Switch to open plan living

Traditionally, homes were comprised of separate rooms and each one had a distinct purpose. If you’re still stuck with a separate kitchen, dining room and living area, switch to an open plan option instead. With a little professional assistance, you can remove walls which aren’t load-bearing and create a bright and airy space to enjoy.

Replace your windows

Windows replacement can make your home more environmentally friendly and add a contemporary flair to both the internal décor and the exterior of your property. Added insulation will ensure your fuel bills are lower, while a range of styles and colors means you can complement the existing architecture and easily enhance your home.

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Increase natural light

As well as replacing existing window fittings, you may want to add new windows and doors to the property. The more natural light you can allow into your home, the more contemporary it will feel. Skylights and French patio doors are excellent ways to increase the amount of sunlight your home gets, while innovative blinds and shutter systems can prevent temperatures from getting too high.

Keep tech hidden

Contemporary furniture and accessories are great for keeping functional items out of sight. As more people start to incorporate smart features into their homes, wires, remotes and screens seem to be everywhere. With contemporary storage solutions, however, you can ensure that your tech remains accessible but out of view.

Incorporate bare floors

Bare floors are the hallmark of contemporary living and they can be incorporated into any type of property. From distressed hardwood finishes to gleaming ceramic tiles, there’s a bare floor option to suit you. To break up floor space, add an eye-catching rug or opt for decorative marble inlays.

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Go natural

Bring nature indoors and use contemporary furniture and accessories to ensure your home is filled with natural materials. Many contemporary pieces use wood, slate and cotton, so it’s easy to find natural or organic elements to add to your environment. With a wooden coffee table, a woollen throw or a leather armchair, for example, you can add contemporary comfort to your home with natural materials.

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