Friday, August 2, 2019

Five Tips For A Luxury Vacation

Luxury travel is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to see the world, with incredible resorts popping up everywhere. You can experience travel without having to sacrifice the finer things in life, and live the first class lifestyle anywhere in the world. Here are some easy tips to take your next vacation over the top.

  1. Don’t wait in cattle class when you fly. Forget the general waiting area and instead check out the airline lounge. You don’t have to have a more expensive plane ticket to use these lounges, which most people don’t realise. In fact, you can book access to many of these lounges before you fly, or pay a fee for entry on the day. These lounges are a much nicer place to wait for you flight, with comfier seating to lounge in, and free food and open bars to make the most of. If you fly on a regular basis, for work or vacations, look into the membership scheme of the airline you use most. These often unlock perks like free access to the lounge, which is a great way to improve your flight experience.
  2. Travel at a quieter time of year for a better experience. Peak times, like school holidays or around Christmas, are much busier, so you’re far more likely to find yourself packed into too small a seat on a crowded plane, or in a not so great hotel room. Take your vacation when it’s quieter, and you'll be able to travel without the crowds and get the better seats and rooms for a lower price. If there’s less people travelling, you’ve also got a better shot of having your trip upgraded.
  3. Look into private chartered flights. This sounds like an incredibly expensive option, but there is a trick to get a luxury flight for less. Look into empty leg flights, which are when a charter plane makes a strip while empty, such as when returning to a base airport after dropping off passengers. You can book a seat on these flights for a fraction of the cost of a private flight. You’ll get all the perks of a charter flight, with it’s better amenities and a much nicer flight experience than flying commercial. Commercial air travel has become more expensive, with airlines pushing up prices and finding lots of extras to charge you for. As flights get more crowded, ditch commercial, and fly charter.
  4. Travel to an up and coming destination. Avoid the areas most popular with tourists for a vacation that is much more relaxed. Upcoming spots will be quieter, and cheaper than the main tourist traps, and you can still experience a first class experience without the crowds. You can also feel smug for getting off the beaten track and being among the first to visit an emerging destination.
  5. Join a vacation club. There are many resorts popping up that are only available for members to stay in. This means you can stay somewhere luxurious for a true exclusive experience. Find the right resort for you with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews, and stay somewhere for VIPs that isn’t available to just anyone.

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