Thursday, August 15, 2019

Home Security On A Budget

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With a young brood in tow, you may have found your priorities shift from spending your money on having a good time and enjoying your freedom, to focusing on safety and security. Having tiny human beings that you love unconditionally and that you want to nurture and protect and keep safe can be overwhelming. Your home should be the safest place for your family. It needs to be a secure sanctuary, and you need to make it this way. You don’t need to have thousands in the bank to implement ways to keep your home secure. Take a look at these home security steps that you can take on a budget.

Alarm Systems

The swankiest home security systems include a wealth of CCTVs, alarms and direct links to law enforcement. You don’t have to fork out for one of these systems for your home. Try to stretch as far as your budget will allow and go for a DIY store off the shelf system. These can be fitted yourself and don’t force you into any monthly subscription to have your alarm monitored. If your budget is very low, buying a simple dummy box with a flashing light can be enough of a deterrent to ward off would be thieves. Burglars are keen to find easy get ins and get outs to ensure that there are no hazards for them to overcome.

Light Up Your Garden

If you have plenty of land at the rear and at the front, you need to make sure that your little patch is well lit. Cheap solar lighting can work wonders in highlighting pathways, lighting up trees and ensuring your home doesn’t remain in darkness when night descends. Being well lit means that intruders cannot adequately hide. Most burglaries occur at night for obvious reasons. It’s quieter, there’s fewer people around and it’s dark. It’s up to you to keep your home well lit. As well as the solar lights, you can add a couple of security lights on the wall of your home. If anyone ventures near to a door or window, they will be in the spotlight. Thieves don’t like being the center of attention.

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The Basics

At the very least you need exceptional locks on your windows and doors. A Mul T Lock is ridiculously hard to pick or break and requires specialist keys to get them open. Don’t forget your garage doors and rear doors as potential areas for breaking into your home. It’s also important to leave any valuables and car keys away from windows and doors. These could be in sight and lure the would-be thief towards your home. To make a quick getaway an intruder could smash a window, grab your car keys and steal your set of wheels. They might not even want to enter your home. Make it more difficult for them by keeping your keys in a bowl in the kitchen well away from entrances.

Being safe and secure within your home is vital when you have a young family. Follow this guide and ensure that you remain vigilant, alert, and safe.

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