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How To Adjust To Life With A Disability

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If you are seriously injured and left with a permanent disability, it can be so difficult to adjust to your new life. So many things that you took for granted in the past are now going to be a lot harder and it’s easy to fall into a very negative mindset. But the important thing to remember is that having a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t live a full life, it’s just going to be a different life to the one that you used to have. If you have been injured and you’re struggling to cope, these are some of the best ways to adjust to life with a disability.

Understand What Your Disability Really Means

Most able bodied people don’t really think about the reality of having a disability. They understand that it means that you can’t do certain things but they don’t think about the day to day challenges of being in a wheelchair, for example. For people that sustain a serious injury, it can be a shock because there are so many small things that they never even thought about before which are now a lot harder. That’s why it’s important that you spend some time understanding what your disability really means and how it will impact your life.

Lean Acceptance

Denial is so common in people that develop disabilities because they simply don’t want to accept that things won’t go back to normal. It’s easy to convince yourself that you will go against the expectations of your doctor and get better, but the majority of the time, that isn’t going to happen. If you are in denial, you will only make things worse for yourself because you won’t be able to adapt to your new life properly and start finding ways to get out and do the things that you used to enjoy doing. If you are struggling to come to terms with your disability, it may be sensible to see a counsellor and work through it with you.

Adapt Your House

Now it’s time to start thinking about the practical things around your home. Accessibility is vital if you’re in a wheelchair, so you’ll need some wheelchair ramps at the front and back of the house. You may also need to make changes to the bath and shower to make it easier to get in and out. As long as you make the right alterations to your home, you should be able to maintain your independence.

Look For Support

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not going through this alone and your support network is very important. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for emotional as well as physical support when you need it. You should also see if there are any local support groups for people in a similar position. Meeting with people that have shared your experience is so helpful because when you’re constantly surrounded by people that don’t understand how you feel, it can be quite isolating.

Adjusting to life with a disability is always going to be hard but if you follow these steps, you can continue to live a full life.

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