Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Let’s Talk Trends

From lavish lady, to grungy girl, to flirty female, to androgynous angel; there are an array of different looks a fashion forward female can rock in the current day. This article deals with one style which is growing in popularity by the minute; city chick. How does the ultimate city chick dress? She boasts a polished style with a little bit of an edge. She adds a little dose of quirkiness to tailored attire. She’s not afraid to add a small hint of grunge to formal attire. She breaks boundaries, but she never goes to the extreme. If this is a look you want to rock successfully, then read on to discover the pieces of clothing you will require.

  • Blazer – First on the list is a blazer. This is a must have for any city chick. The great thing about this garment is the fact that it is extremely versatile. You can dress up a pencil skirt and shirt with your blazer and wear it to work. Rock those skinny jeans and a vest top during the day yet add an edge with a bold black blazer. The options are endless.
  • Satchel – A satchel is the bag of choice when rocking this look. It has a very studious feel to it. It is smart, yet it boasts a dose of quirkiness as well. One of the best things about this bag is that you can find the perfect one to sum up your personality. If you like to keep it smart and sophisticated go for black. If you like to take a walk on the wild side then a leopard print satchel can work really well. Or if you are a bright and vibrant character, then why not go for neon? Nonetheless, when going for the latter, you need to remember you are trying to create the city chick look and therefore the rest of your outfit should be kept conservative and clean cut.
  • Skinny jeans – Any fashionista’s wardrobe is simply not finished if you do not have a pair of skinny jeans. Womens outerwear vests with skinny jeans is the staple look for anyone. Always choose quality, though. After all, you are going to get a lot of use out of this piece of clothing. Skinny jeans are great because they present you with an endless selection of options. Wear stiletto heels and a chiffon top for a glam yet laid back evening look. While your blazer, biker boots and a t-shirt can give you a casual yet striking option.
  • Button up shirt – Finally, a shirt that is buttoned all of the way to the top is the final garment you are going to require for this look. Collars are very much at the height of fashion at the moment, thus this is something you may want to keep in mind. A lot of people are opting for shirts with studded colours, there is little denying the beauty of these.

So there you have it; with these four garments in your wardrobe you simply cannot go wrong on your quest to be the ultimate city chick!!

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