Tuesday, August 20, 2019

'Sorry, What Was That?' And Other Signs That Hearing Loss Is Harming Your Work

We often talk about the different ways that work can damage our health. From mental struggles to back pain and beyond, most of us do what we can to prevent problems. Yet, there’s far less conversation about what happens when our health impacts our work.

Health implications outside the office can also have a significant impact. Mental health complaints, for instance, can cross into our work efforts. Issues such as hearing loss can also cause significant work ramifications.That’s not surprising when you consider that this can add difficulty to even the simplest tasks. That includes tasks within the office.

If hearing loss is impacting your work efforts, the best thing you can do is look into hearing aids. But, what if you aren’t sure whether hearing loss is doing damage? The fact that you’re asking this question suggests you could benefit from help. But, to make up your mind either way, we’re going to look at three sure signs that your hearing is doing damage to your career right now.

You avoid phone calls/miss them altogether

Many customers still prefer to call and speak with someone directly. Clients or even other colleagues may also find it faster to pick up the phone. As such, avoiding phone call is an office no-go. Yet, this may be precisely what you do if hearing loss is a problem. Do you avoid making phone appointments because you struggle to hear? Do you put off picking up the phone or miss it altogether when it rings sometimes? Either of these could lead you to trouble with the boss, and they’re both signs that you should get your hearing checked for more efficient phone calls from now on.

The problem of miscommunication

Face-to-face communications can also cause issues when you can’t hear. The ability to lip-read can help, but it isn’t foolproof. If you find that you often misunderstand what colleagues or clients say, then it’s a sure sign hearing loss is becoming a problem. Do you mishear dates, or misunderstand what your boss wants you to do? If yes, then you shouldn’t hesitate to learn more about the hearing aids on offer and what they could do for you. Then, you’d be able to get everything right the first time.

Your sound is too loud

With advancing hearing loss, you may struggle to hear computer notifications or, as mentioned, your ringing phone. To counterbalance this, it’s not unusual to turn up the volume. The trouble is that high volumes like these aren’t sociable in a communal office. If you notice the whole room looking at you when your phone goes, then, it’s a sure sign your hearing could benefit from a little professional attention.

It’s easy to miss these signs or ignore them altogether, but trust us when we say that they’re sure implications you need to take action. We all want to do our best at work, after all, and it sounds like your hearing is stopping you from achieving that goal right now.

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