Friday, August 16, 2019

Why You Should Get Yourself A Gardening Guru

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Whether you are completely new to gardening or you have been having a good go at it for a few years now, there is still so much to learn. It is a pastime that is always changing and developing as your knowledge and tastes grow alongside your garden. It is something that you can teach yourself, learning as you go along, and it is amazing how quickly you will pick things up. But even with all of the books, search engines and pottering about out there, nothing will quite beat the benefits of finding yourself an expert to guide you. Having someone on hand to show you how to do things, to talk over ideas with and to seek help from, will boost your gardening know-how immeasurably. That’s why today we want to share with you why you should get yourself a gardening guru.

They can give you detailed advice on your garden

Being able to walk around your garden with your guru and talk it over will save you hours upon hours of searching for the answers. They can instantly tell you what the name of that plant is, the best spot for that shrub, and offer suggestions on repositioning things.

It is so much faster to ask your guru questions specific to your garden than it is to take generic advice and tailor it to your purposes.

They know where the best buys are

They have been buying plants for more years than they care to remember, and as such, they know what, when and where to buy. Whether you ask them ‘where can I buy fast growing shrubs?’ or ‘when is the best time to stock up on bulbs?’ they are going to be able to offer you their wisdom and experience. They will have tried all of the local nurseries and can tell you where to go for the best stock and the best deals, and they can alert you to any offers running as they spot them whilst they are out and about.

They will share their garden with you

This is a wonderful perk of having a gardening guru. They are very likely to have a beautiful garden that you can spend time in. They are also likely to enjoy taking cuttings and propagating regularly, which means that you get to share in their garden.

You can walk around their garden, spotting plants that you love and the chances are that they will know how to be able to take a cutting of it for you, so in no time and for no expense, you will be able to have their gorgeous shrubs in your own garden.

They know so much!

People who have been gardening for decades and are passionate about it know so much! They have acquired knowledge through their own experiences and through devouring gardening books and magazines. If you want ideas on how to maintain color in your garden, they will give you tips. If you want to know how to get rid of certain garden pests, they will offer you their experiences. If you want to know how to grow vegetables, they will be there with their seed packets before you know it!

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