Saturday, September 7, 2019

Can A Beautiful Garden Really Be Low Maintenance?

A beautiful, well thought out garden is definitely an asset to your home. From providing an escape to nature after a hectic day, a nice view if you work from home, to providing a place to entertain family and friends or even adding to the value of your home, outdoor space is very important. But when life is so busy, sometimes it's the first thing which can slip. Having a beautiful garden is only possible with lots of time and hard work, we assume? Actually, it is possible to create a space which is both stunning and low maintenance. You will have to put a little work in, but it's very possible to get a beautiful end result without needing to dedicate your whole weekend to maintenance.

Limit Your Plant Variety

The more different types of plants you have in your garden, the more you have to spend time caring for them and getting to know their different requirements, so if you want a low maintenance space which still looks great, opt for one or two flower varieties only, and focus on hardy perennial plants which will provide colour and beauty year in year out. You could even go simpler and just work with foliage such as bay trees or evergreen shrubs like lavender. Replace large swathes of lawn which needs constant mowing in the summer with pebbles or slate chippings for an attractive alternative, and use features such as large storm lanterns to add interest instead.

Go Super Natural

At the other end of the scale to very modern landscaping, you have the approach of simply embracing nature and creating a wildflower meadow. After you've done the initial work of sewing plants which encourage bees and butterflies to thrive, you can simply leave a part or all of your green space to it. You have to be comfortable with a little intentional chaos, but the result can be a beautiful space that is also supporting the local eco system. Long grass is especially valuable, so you can say good bye to weekends spent grappling with the mower!

Focus Time Where It Counts

If you really only have mimal time to invest in your garden, you'll want to get the most out of your green space with the minimum required input - and this means focusing your time and effort on the garden features which you most enjoy and interact with. If you have problem trees that don't add anything considering felling and mulching them to enrich your soil - find out more at And you can also look at replacing planting with low maintenance shrub borders or creating a large, paved seating area to cut down on the amount of lawn you have to care for. Even a super simple tip like positioning any high maintenance plants near the back entrance so you don't have to trudge the whole garden to care for them can really help you to cut down on the time spent carrying things around your garden.

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