Monday, September 9, 2019

How to Use Natural Materials in the Bathroom

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The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house but that doesn’t mean that it deserves any less than the rest of your house. While plastic is everywhere and might seem like the only choice in the bathroom, the reality is that there are plenty of natural materials that can be treated to fit perfectly with your natural bathroom scheme.

Black and white is a striking combination in the bathroom, with black bathrooms becoming very popular last year. But, if you want to design something softer, perhaps with a more tropical feel, softer greens and browns would be preferable. Not least because these colors are much kinder to your eyes - especially first thing in the morning!

So, here are a few tricks to make your bathroom feel more natural.

Go For Wood

Wood is a hugely versatile material and, as vanity cabinets from Foxden Decor show, can be transformed into beautiful statement pieces for the bathroom. Wood is also a lovely wall cladding and gives the feeling of a Scandanavian sauna full of warmth rather than colder tiles.

If you don’t have the budget to go large on wood, adding a few accessories is a nice way to get started and give your bathroom a more rustic feel. Prop a reclaimed ladder against the wall for your towels and look for wooden storage boxes and bowls for things like q-tips and cotton wool. Consider hanging a wooden framed mirror to complete the look.

Choose Slate

Slate is another gorgeous natural material to work with and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. The joy of slate is that it is easy to clean and maintain but it can also be used to complement other materials like wood. Slate is also incredibly durable and is likely to add value to your house so it’s really a win-win.

Until you get to the cost, that is. The downside of slate is that it is quite expensive and you will need to have it installed properly by a professional for the best results. But while this may be off-putting now, don’t write the material off altogether, go for imitation tiles for now and save up for the ideal later on.

Add Plants

If you want any room to feel more natural, plants are the obvious route and there are plenty of species who love the bathroom. Orchids are a popular choice because they like to be in a steamy environment and will reward your small efforts with bright, beautiful flowers. They do have quite long periods between flowering though, so don’t dismiss a dull-looking stalk!

Ferns are also quite happy to live in the bathroom and work particularly well in rooms that aren’t well lit. Their natural habitat is deep in the forest so a lack of natural light is totally fine with them. Of course, there are plenty of other plants to consider adding to your bathroom too, just make sure you can still fit in to have a shower once they are in!

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