Monday, September 23, 2019

Installing Air Conditioning? Things To Consider

Having an air conditioning unit is the solution to perfect climate control at home, no matter what the seasons may throw at you. So whether you’ve had one too many sweltering summers, a few too many hot sleepless nights or perhaps you need to keep your house cool for children or pets, then here are a few things to consider when installing air conditioning.


The type of air conditioning unit you install will depend on whether you have ductwork installed or not. Ductwork can help air conditioning to reach every room but if you don’t have ductwork installed then there also ductless options which can still provide you with plenty of control. If you don’t have ductwork installed but want a ductwork system then this is possible too with a little home renovation.

The size of your unit

When looking at what size of air conditioning unit you want to install, you will want to consider how much air the unit can pass through itself rather than simply the size of it. A unit that is too small could struggle if it has a large volume of air to cool and this can lead to it being on all of the time, in turn leading to high energy usage and expensive running costs. If you purchase a unit that is too big then it could short cycle, which means it comes on and turns off regularly, this is again a waste of energy and can be costly. Finding the right size unit for the amount of space you want to cool is key to efficiency and cost savings.

The efficiency of the unit

Although finding the right size unit is a large contributing factor with regards to the efficiency of your air conditioning, your unit will also have an energy Efficiency Rating (EER) or Coefficient Of Performance (COP) which is a measure of how efficient the system is. A more efficient rating is kinder to the environment and ensures that the minimum amount of energy is used. As a general rule, look for a minimum rating of 5 for small systems and 3 for larger systems.

The company you purchase from

When finding a company to source and install your unit, it's important to look for the best ac company in your area. Working out ductwork logistics, the correct size of the unit and finding one that suits your budget can all be tricky and so using a company with knowledge of their industry can really take the stress off of you and ensure you are getting the right product for your space. Finding the right company is also important as you will need to maintain your unit to ensure its longevity and upgrade your unit as and when it is required, it’s therefore important to build this long term relationship with someone you trust and who you can rely on.

Having an air conditioning system installed in your home is a fantastic asset and will keep you cool through even the hottest summer. Do you have air conditioning at home?

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