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Considerations You Should Be Making Before Moving Home

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It’s a known fact that moving is classed as one of the most stressful things that you can do in a lifetime. It’s not surprising that people are on the lookout for their forever home so they don't have to continuously move around. Not only can it be stressful, it can also tug significantly on your finances, making it one of the most draining aspects of savings. There are however some easy tasks that you can get ticked off before you even move in order to make it a little easier of a process.

Have a look below at some of the considerations that you be making before moving home:

Inform People Of Your New Address

When you’re moving it’s a good idea to inform all the relevant people and companies that your address is due to change. If you complete this task before your moving date then it’ll be one less task to think about when you will most likely be rushed off your feet unpacking and settling in. You are able to set up a redirect postal order in advance of your move day and you can also set it up for whatever duration you need. You will find that around twelve months is about right. There may be a small charge to do this however when moving you’re likely to be receiving important documents that you’re not going to want to miss or even fall into the wrong hands. Some of the people that you should think about informing include:

  • Your bank
  • Your building society
  • Insurance companies
  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Family and friends
  • Work
  • Your GP, Dentist, and Opticians

Doing this eliminates any important information getting missed and ensures that your records are completely up to date across the board. It’s best to let them know in advance however if your moving date changes for any reason bear in mind that you will need to let them all know.

Think About Insurance

When moving you can forget about some of the important areas you should be focusing such as insurance policies. Just like with your old home you will need contents and building insurance to cover your new home. You can either inquire about how much it will cost to change your existing policy or look online at comparison sites to find a new one. Not only does a policy cover your home it’s also a requirement when taking out a mortgage. It’s a good idea to protect your home and your possessions especially as you risk things getting damaged during a move. You can also get insurance up to thirty days in advance with most policies. Bear in mind that not all policies will insure you for a move so it’s worth double-checking.

Update Your Driving License And Vehicle Details

When you move it’s important to make sure you update all the relevant details that are associated with your car. This includes car finance, your ownership details, car insurance, and your driver's license. You can be heavily fined if you don't complete these tasks so don’t leave it until months after you’ve moved, it’s just not worth it. In order to change your address, it won’t cost you a penny so lack of funds shouldn’t stand in your way. It can take around four weeks for the new documents to arrive and as long as you’ve redirected your post it will arrive in the right place too.

Change Your Car Insurance

It’s really important to change your car insurance even if it is going to cost you more in your new location. Most of the car insurance policies around are partly based on your location so, it’s likely your insurance policy will be invalid until you update your details. Although we don't expect to have an accident if you did it this time it could cause major problems for your claim. Of course, it can work the other way round too, if you are moving to a location that is seen as safer or more secure then at times you will be due a refund.

Plan The Move

In order for a move to run smoothly, it’s important to make sure you plan in advance. This can mean roping in the help of family and friends for packing, hiring removalists, labeling boxes and ordering packing supplies such as bubble wrap. The key to a successful and stress-free move is to be organized. Remember to clearly label your boxes and consider packing n essentials box of the item you will need first the other end of the move. You will greatly appreciate having simple items like a kettle and cups for making a hot drink in the morning.

Take Meter Readings

One thing that people forget to do when moving is to take a meter reading. It is essential that you take final meter readings on the day that you move out and leave the property for the last time. This helps to make sure your final utility bill is accurate and doesn't include and use it from the new owners or tenants. You need to take readings from your water, gas and electricity meters and then feed this back to your suppliers. Often when you have informed them you’re moving they will specifically ask for a meter reading to be provided by a certain date. The last thing you want when you’ve just forked out for a move is to be paying for someone else usage. If you want to, it’s normally possible to move your account to your new home, if the supply is currently from someone else but you want to stay with your current provider then they can arrange the switch for you. It’s worth checking that you’re still getting the best rate though as it could be the perfect time to shop around.

Update Your Details On The Electoral Roll

If your someone who likes to have an opinion and takes the opportunity to vote then you’re going to want to make sure you're still eligible to vote by updating the electoral. If you don’t do this you risk missing local and national votes and not being able to have your input. If you're looking after your credit rating, and you probably are if you are moving, then making sure you keep this information updated helps. Not changing it can negatively impact your score.

TV License

Chances are, that you are going to be watching television in your new home, and this means that you’re going to need to update your TV license. It’s a really simple process, all you need to do is complete a change of address form online and then they will transfer your license over. As it is a legal requirement to have a TV license it’s important to make sure this is completed by the time you move. You want to be covered from the day you leave your one house to the day you arrive in your new one.

Move Your Digital TV And Broadband

Something else that you’re able to take with you when you move is your broadband, landline, and digital TV. Most providers will have a service where they will move their services with you and often will try to have your supply up and running for when you arrive. At times your provider may not be able to supply your home due to location and unfortunately means you can sometimes find you're paying for early termination. It’s a good idea to contact them in advance so that they can move things over in good time. Just like with your utilities, if you’re not tied down to a contract it could be an ideal time to look at other deals that are around. It’s often the case that new customers get better deals.

Think About Parking Requirements

You might not have to think about this at your current address but it’s always worth checking the parking requirements before you move to a new house. If you move to an area that only allows residents then you will most likely require a permit. This will, therefore, need to be sourced before you move otherwise you could end up with fines for parking without the permit. You can normally source these from your local authority.

Organize A Sitter

So, your kids might be really excited and eager for the move but having them there on moving day could mean your stress levels rise. It’s nice that they might want to help and are eager to get set up in their new room, however, kids get bored and keeping them entertained when you’re trying to move and unpack could spell disaster. Think about arranging a sitter for moving day and maybe have them stay over until you’re sorted and at least a little bit organized.

Empty Your Freezer

To avoid wasting your food and money, you should make sure you try to use up all your frozen foods in the week/s before you move. If you have anything leftover you could look to donate it or ask a neighbor to store it if they can until your appliances are ready.

Hopefully, these tips will help you with your upcoming move. Do you have others you can share?

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