Thursday, October 3, 2019

Unusual Ways To Care For Your Garden

Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

There are many different ways to care for our gardens Such as keeping everything well-trimmed, putting bedding plants around the edges, pruning trees and bushes, and ensuring that everything is tidy no matter what the season. But sometimes there are some additional and more unusual ways of looking after your garden. Everyone is different with varying needs and likes, and our backyard is a great way to reflect that.

Art Installations

There are some weird and beautiful pieces of art that you can put in your garden. You don't necessarily need to have a degree in fine art, but you can either create something special yourself or purchase some incredible artwork from local artists. Some of the most beautiful outdoor art installations are made from metal and other double materials. This gives longevity to them. There are some fantastic outdoor fairy installations and some large mechanical options too. The world's your oyster with this, and as with anything creative, it's entirely up to you what you like and place in your own space.

Cleaning Services

Depending on the style of your garden, and how much building work there is, it depends on if anything is going to need cleaning. If you have a dog, there are options for a dog poop cleaning company to come and tidy up the mess made in your garden for you. So that you can then really get on with making the garden look pretty, while being functional at the same time. You can also hire gardening contractors or landscape gardeners that will do all of your hedge cutting, and lawn mowing for you as well. This is a great option to help if time or energy isn't on your side.

'Out of Place' Items

There is a trend recently whereby items that would usually be found in the home are placed in the garden, such as teapots and teacups, as well as wellies and large clocks. There are some fantastic options that are practical too. People have been known to place the odd Flamingo in their garden and keep pumpkins and giant toadstool shaped seats to their gardens to the point is if you want to go for an Alice in Wonderland themed garden there's absolutely nothing stopping you, and many people would be more than impressed walking into a colorful Wonderland when visiting.


On that note, having a colourful fence or wall in your garden, with mirrors and other pieces of decoration is something unique, obviously we need to care for our gardens by making sure wood is treated and painted, and everything is kept to a high standard maintenance wise. But who's to say that wood needs to be painted brown? Many Gardens look wonderful with bright pink or green fences and walls.

So whichever way suits your garden and your family commitments is absolutely fine, but having an outdoor sanctuary to relax in, can be a wonderful experience whichever way you decide to care for it. Don't forget there are many different tools that you can use, such as leaf blowers which were pretty unusual when they first came out, but are now part of everyday life.

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