Friday, November 29, 2019

4 Reasons Pets Are Great For Kids

So perhaps your kids have been bugging you for a pet for a while, and you're not sure whether to cave? Many parents who grew up with pets tend to want them for their kids too. If you didn’t have a pet growing up, perhaps you're a little more unsure? There are plenty of reasons why having a pet can be a great thing for kids, so let’s take a look.

Teaches responsibility

Getting your kids a pet can be an excellent way to teach them about responsibility. Whichever pet you choose, they will soon learn that looking after an animal arrives with lots of new duties. Whether it’s walking the dog, cleaning out the hamster cage, or feeding the cat, your kids can benefit from taking on the pet caregiver role. Of course, when your child is a little younger, they will need help at first. Most kids will happily help out with pets at home, but if they are reluctant- they’ll just need a little chat about being responsible!

Teaches resilience

Many parents don’t like the idea of their kids being sad when their pet dies, and of course, this is pretty natural. The fact is though, facing and coping with the death of a pet can help your kids to gain resilience. When the tough time comes, they can learn how to develop coping strategies in times of stress. You can use the opportunity to teach your children about the circle of life and help them to learn to talk about their emotions.

Provides companionship

Pets can be an excellent companion for children. They’ll gain lots of fun times and memories from having a pet. If they ever feel lonely, the pet will be there to play with (if it’s willing)! It’s worth noting that when it comes to younger children, they will need guidance on learning how to play with dogs, cats and other animals. Remind them to be gentle and to not overdo it. Of course, you’ll choose a friendly animal, but accidents can happen fast with kids accidentally treat pets like toys. With young children especially, always accompany them when playing.

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Running around with pets can help kids to keep active and boost their endorphin levels. Pet dogs can also help kids achieve a lifestyle by spending plenty of time outdoors. Teach your kids about keeping their pet healthy by exercising it and providing it with lots of great foods. Providing your pet with healthy food can help you to talk to your kids about nutrition. For those looking for some super nutritious dog food, check out Freshpet reviews for some tips.

When you’re choosing the best pet for kids, consider the animal that’s best suited to their personalities. Of course, pets have a wide range of different personalities too! With this in mind, ensure that your kids get a chance to play with each pet before you make the final decision.

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