Monday, November 4, 2019

DressLily Wish List

There are very few things that I love more than shopping for clothes at a decent price — especially in the fall and winter. I love everything about fall and winter fashion, so I'm constantly searching online for warm, comfortable yet stylish clothes that won't break the bank. DressLily is one of my go-to sites for online clothes shopping.

With Christmas right around the corner, DressLily has launched several new sales and new items. Here are the new arrivals:

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepares the best high-quality but low-priced products for you for all occasions from Monday through Friday.
Right now, you can use code DLBF20 and earn up to 20% off. Here's a breakdown of possible savings:

  • Spend over $10usd, save $2
  • Spend over $20usd, save $4
  • Spend over $30usd, save $6
  • Spend over $40usd, save $8
  • Spend over $50usd, save $10
  • Spend over $60usd, save $12
  • Spend over $70usd, save $14
  • Spend over $80usd, save $16
  • Spend over $90usd, save $18
  • Spend over $100usd, save $20
  • Spend over $110usd, save $22
  • Spend over $120usd, save $24
  • Spend over $130usd, save $26
  • Spend over $140usd, save $28

If you need some fashion inspiration, or even Christmas fashion inspiration, then check out my DressLily Wish List below! I've included some of my favorite items from the online shop. Maybe you'll find something you love too!

I adore this dress — I mean, look at it! The ribbon belt, the flare, the gorgeous blue snowflakes! Everything about it says "Winter" and it would be the perfect dress to wear at your holiday party.

Pair it with these beautiful boots and some dainty jewelry and you have an outfit worth talking about! Bag $20.56 Earrings $4.40 Necklace $4.97 Boots $34.99 Dress $20.99

I love pastel pink but even more so when it's paired with black. It gives it a classic, chic look that can't be beat. This beautiful outfit combines a lovely skirt with a knit top, clutch, sandals, and a pretty necklace.

The flared skirt is flattering on all figures, whether you're a size 2 or a size 16. The floral accents match all of the pink accessories including the shoes.

The block heel on these sandals will provide enough support for all body types. Necklace $3.28 Heels $24.93 Pink Top $21.49 Skirt $22.49 Clutch $10.69

I love a classic casual look. This cozy gray outfit combines a beautiful oversized knit sweater with black leggings, comfortable warm boots, and a black backpack. If you're feeling extra, you can take it up a notch by pairing it with this gorgeous gray synthetic wig.

I mean, this sweater is everything. It's comfortable, cute, and totally Instagram worthy!

And if you've ever wanted gorgeous gray hair but don't want to make the commitment, go ahead and try it out first by picking up this incredible synthetic wig.

Fashionistas, this outfit is for you! It combines a lovely black knotted top with a jazz hat, distressed jeans, a pair of sexy thigh-high boots, and a chain bag to have you looking like a street-chic model.

The jazz hat really pulls the whole look together.

And the chain bag adds a chic element that keeps the outfit from looking drab.

If you like these items, head on over to DressLily and don't forget to use your discount code DLBF20

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