Friday, November 8, 2019

How Jackpot Slots Can Be More Fun

Back in the early days there was really only one variation of slot machine, and in its really primordial stages the slot industry didn’t even pay out money! Instead successful players would have to go to the bar and claim a free drink or cigar. Oh, how things have changed now, however, these days there are several different types of slots you can choose from, online and offline - play now at

Many people prefer playing the now standard games such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming that incorporate loads of special bonus features, and who can blame them? They are a lot of fun, but these people often forget about the tantalizing world of jackpot slots. Oh yes, this is a slot universe that can pay serious dividends if you stick with it, let’s take a look at some of the different types and why they are so fun.

Standard Progressive Jackpot Slots

Standard progressive jackpot slots are actually fairly hard to come by these days as they don’t tend to be made anymore due to technology moving on, however they can still be extreme amounts of fun. The jackpot on these machines increases after every losing spin, meaning that it can eventually end up being rather large indeed.

You won’t find many of these types of jackpot slots online, but visit places like Las Vegas and there are still an abundance of them in the casinos there. The suspense when you play these is far greater than on a normal slot, and if you like this kind of thing they are bound to be a lot more fun!

Local Progressive Jackpot Slots

Now, a slightly more advanced version of a standard progressive jackpot slot is the next development along: a local progressive jackpot slot. This works in pretty much the exact same way as the standard ones, however now it is every losing spin on a few machines that increase the jackpot, something also shared across the machines.

The standard progressive jackpot slots are fun, but these take it to another level!

Network Jackpots

By far the most fun jackpot slots are the network progressive jackpot slots, however, and this is because the prizes can be astronomically big. With these machines there is usually at least a hundred of them all hooked up to the same jackpot, meaning that it increases in size far quicker than with the other examples we have explored. Nice!

Las Vegas Megabucks: Can You Get More Fun?

A great example of a network progressive jackpot slot is the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines, famous primarily because they have paid out well over $100 million to date! Now if that doesn’t sound like an outrageous amount of fun we don’t know what does…

The Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network

Renowned online slot developers Microgaming also have experience in the world of network progressive jackpot slots, with their very popular progressive jackpot network making many gamblers a whole lot richer.

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