Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How to Achieve a More Edgy Style

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Are you stuck in a style rut? Perhaps you’ve been dressing the same way for as long as you can remember, or maybe due to a lack of confidence or style knowledge, you’re a self-confessed ‘plain Jane’. If you’re feeling like switching things up and bringing a bit more edge or personality to the way you dress and present yourself, here are a few fun ways to go about it!

Switch up your hair

One of the fastest ways to totally transform your appearance is to change your hair. A new cut and/ or colour and style can completely change the way you look and instantly give you the edge you’ve been looking for. How about jet black, platinum blonde or bright red to make a statement? Maybe you could go with a pastel hue for something a bit different. If your hair is normally short, perhaps you could have some extensions fitted. If it’s normally long, how about a short crop? You could add a fringe/ bangs, change up the style, either way there are lots of options and you can be as subtle or dramatic as you like.

Have fun with makeup

Makeup is a fantastic tool. When you change your hair the results are much more long lasting which can be a bit scary, but with makeup there’s no commitment. You can have fun trying out different techniques and styles, and if you don’t like it, simply wash it off! Learn highlighting and contouring techniques, different types of smokey eye and cut crease looks, try out different lip shades. Be bold and daring, try something you wouldn’t normally go for. There are tons of tutorials online which you can follow along to for all makeup artistry skill levels.

Have fun with fashion

Fashion should be fun, it’s a way that we can express our personality. There’s nothing better than finding an outfit that makes you feel like yourself, so save up some cash and take yourself on a shopping trip. Find some different looks and outfit ideas online that you’d like to recreate or base your looks upon and it will be much less daunting. Again, choose pieces you would have previously overlooked and be bold! If you like how an outfit looks, don’t just assume that you won't be able to pull it off. It’s all about confidence, and the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the easier it will be.


Fishnet tights under ripped jeans, a leather jacket, over the knee boots, statement jewellery- there are lots of ways you can take your new outfits to the next level. Accessories help you to make your outfits even more personal and stylish and can also help you to dress things up or down. You can find lots of types of accessories really cheaply, and they add another dimension to your look, whether it be a theme, colour or texture.

Consider tattoos and/ or piercings

Of course, tattoos and piercings are a big commitment and aren't something anyone should rush into. However, if you’ve been pondering the idea for a while, why not take the plunge? A tattoo could be anything from a tiny girly symbol on your wrist to a full colourful sleeve. There’s a huge selection of face and body piercings you can have done these days with ultra cool and stylish jewellery, visit Urban Body Jewelry for more info. You also have dermals, ear stretches and more that you could consider that would all contribute to a super edgy look. Always give it plenty of thought before getting anything like this done, and go to a reputable tattoo/ piercing shop.

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