Friday, November 29, 2019

Scaling The Wall: Tackling The Problems In Front Of You To Help You Live A More Productive Life

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We can feel that every time that we try something new, that there is a barrier right in front of us stopping us from getting any further. Maybe you want to do something for yourself, but the children are being too demanding today, or there are all those life admin duties that need completing right away. But when we have these issues in front of us, we can forever feel like we are wading through mud. The fact of the matter is that when we have daily life problems, we can put them off, but these things will always come back to bite us sooner or later. Learning to live a better life is about tackling the tasks in front of us. But how can we do this?

Have A Problem-solving Process

Whether it is a big issue or a small annoying task, having a plan in place will give you the tools to accomplish it. Whether you need to reorganize your home or pay a bill, having a plan in place gives you that structure. Maybe you're stuck for ideas for organizing small closets, or you feel that the house is never as tidy as you want it to be, but if this always seems like a problem, have you got a system in place to tackle it? If you get stressed over these issues, having a plan in place will help you to regain control over the situation. Every problem has a solution, and it's all about the steps you put in front of you.

Is It Actually A “Problem?”

Your mindset is crucial. When we have problems right in front of us, and they are always there, are they major issues that take control of our lives? Sometimes we can feel that a problem is down to negative emotion. For example, if the problem is that you are always feeling stressed, you use your negative emotions as the reason. But instead, trying to find the problem that makes you feel stressed is a far more proactive approach. If you have a negative frame of mind, reframing it looking at it as a challenge can help you to isolate the opportunity. When we start to change our attitude to the problem, we can start to alter our perceptions. It's important that we focus on the facts, rather than have our emotions cloud the issue. When it comes to something like cleaning the house, you may feel stressed because the house is not clean. But if the house is not clean because you don't have time to tidy, putting in a solution where you can clean the house gives you control over the situation, minimizes your negative emotions, but also gets the task done.

When we tackle the problems in front of us this will help us to navigate those everyday issues. Whether you feel stressed constantly, the house is always a mess, or you never feel on top of anything, learning to tackle these problems in front of you gives you the tools in which to overcome obstacles but also helps you progress forward.

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