Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Five Tips on choosing the Best Soundproof Curtains for your Home

Living in a noisy neighborhood is an ever-lasting nightmare for plenty of people. The minute you decide to take the nap you’ve been craving for or finally get some sleep after the exhausting day at work is when all distractions begin.

Hooting drivers, hyperactive children playing on the street, noisy neighbors or ear-piercing construction sounds, you name it. Being surrounded by such annoying noises daily, could really affect your sleeping quality.

Therefore, if you can’t afford soundproofing your walls with insulation materials, the least you can do is purchase soundproof curtains which significantly reduce the noise coming from the outside. These are a practical solution, as you can place them on the windows and in the rooms where you need them the most.

In case you’re wondering how they are going to fit into your home décor, rest assured that you’ll find a great selection of materials and colors to choose from. There are numerous websites and sound equipment stores which sell this new convenient trendy product.

In order to avoid mistakes and finish your shopping journey successfully, take a look at the following useful tips.

Take the right measures

Regardless of how impatient you are to purchase the new set of curtains, delay this step until you’ve measured the window where you plan to place them. Be extremely meticulous when measuring the height, length, and width, but remember to add a couple of extra centimeters to the dimensions you’ve taken, as it’ll contribute to their soundproofing effect.

The greatest effect can be achieved by purchasing curtains which will cover the whole area, from the ceiling to the floor. However, make sure they are at least a centimeter above the floor, as you’re likely to trip over whenever you pass near the window. Go to this page for more precise instructions on how to take the right dimensions.

Pick a material

Although the primary purpose of soundproof curtains is strictly practical, you’re still given a range of materials to choose from, as they are supposed to be a good fit for every home. Among the best-looking and highest-grade materials are satin, velvet, and suede. These fabrics would not only provide your home with the proper insulation but also with the elegant look you were aiming for.

Furthermore, stores sell soundproof drapes with predetermined sizes, colors and materials, in various combinations, based on the majority of customers’ preferences. However, if you looking for a specific type of color or size, then you’re in luck, as some stores offer tailor-made curtains. Naturally, you’re also supposed to be willing to pay more as they are more expensive than the standard ones.

Test the strength of your curtain rod

What most people disregard prior to purchasing the drapes, is their unusual thickness and weight. They’re nothing like the ones you had before. Their weight comes as a result of the double or triple layers which actually create the soundproofing effect. Moreover, look for thermal layer drapes that are not only protecting you home against unpleasant sounds but also keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

You’d also need to inquire about their exact weight to test the strength of your old curtain rod. The heavier they are the stronger rod you need. If you doubt your rod’s robustness, it’s better to install a new one beforehand. You’ll also need a helping hand when hanging them, as one person is not enough to manage the process.

Make the purchase

There are two ways of purchasing these curtains, either online or from a sound equipment store. The former is more convenient as you’ll do the shopping from the comfort of your own home. You just need to find a website, such as the Soundproof Pros website, which sells a wide selection of drapes in various fabrics and sizes, equipped with blackout features for protection against the sun.

The latter shopping method is more suitable for those buyers who wish to inspect the curtains personally, prior to buying them. The shop assistant is going to help you choose the ones with the highest quality within your price range. Anyhow, don’t forget to take a small torch with you and use it to check whether the drapes are transparent, even if it’s just a bit, as they should block all the sound and light pointed at them.

In addition, make sure you are given a warranty as these drapes are quite costly, so a warranty would enable you to take them back and replace them with new ones in the case of malfunction. The same goes for ordering them from a website. A warranty should be delivered to you along with the new drapes.

Ready for installation

Purchasing the curtains from a store suggests that you can ask the salesperson for advice regarding the installation process. He/ She is going to recommend a solid rod, able to support the weight of the drapes you’ve just bought. Listen attentively to the explanation of the installation procedure and call some of your friends or family on your way home, as you’ll undoubtedly need help.

After completing the installation, test their soundproofing qualities by playing loud music behind them, to see how much sound they absorb. For better effect, install them as close to the window as possible. The greater the distance, the more sound penetrates your home. Visit the following link:, to learn more about their sound isolating qualities.

Wrap up

Soundproof curtains are definitely a more affordable, but effective and convenient method of shielding yourself from the unwanted noises of the environment where you live.

You just have to take the right measures, choose a material, test your rod and you’re ready to shop.

Gather some installation tips and test the drapes after the procedure is finished to make sure they function properly. Purchase soundproofing curtains to finally get the much-needed rest. Your body and mind deserve it!

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