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Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

If you have more than one child then a playhouse is an ideal toy. It provides a whole host of fun whilst also promoting social interaction between your children as well. This is a toy you can view as an investment; it is something you will get a lot of use from and it is very unlikely that your children will ever get bored. Moreover, most playhouses feature a versatile design and therefore they are suited to both boys and girls, meaning that no one is excluded.

Little Tikes playhouses

If you are looking to purchase a playhouse then you should definitely take a look at the different Little Tikes Playhouses available on the internet at present. Little Tikes is a well known toy manufacturer, and their playhouses in particular have a fantastic reputation. Take a look at our top three Little Tikes Playhouses below in order to get an idea of what they have available...

Log Cabin Playhouse

This playhouse is one of the higher end ones on the market today. It’s worth looking into getting decking created for this to be placed on, creating a separate play area. Companies like Archadeck of Richmond can assist with this. As you may have guessed; it has been designed to look like a log cabin. This means that the walls are brown. Nevertheless, colour has been injected into the design and thus it still eludes fun and excitement. The roof is green, the window shutters are yellow, and the door is red. There is a lot of fun to be had with this playhouse, including a fun play phone and a table. The Log Cabin Playhouse requires some assembling, however this is straight forward and the instructions are easily to follow. A final point worth acknowledging is that this Little Tikes Playhouse is only suited to children aged two years old and above.

Cozy Cottage Playhouse

This playhouse is one of the cheaper options on the market. Nevertheless, the low price does not mean that this playhouse offers any less in comparison to others on the market today. The Cozy Cottage is homely to say the least. It boasts the following features; a sink, a stove, large windows, and a working Dutch door. This is a smaller playhouse, and the dimensions are as follows; 108 cm x 108 cm x 127 cm. This means that it is a great option for those who are looking for something to fit into a smaller space.

Town Playhouse Earth Colours

This is one of the most innovative and unique playhouses you will find on the market today. Each wall of the playhouse features a different design, and therefore the fun is multiplied by four. One wall is for sports and features a sports hoop, a football net and targets for ball throwing. In addition to this, there is the school section and this boasts a table, a chalkboard, letters and numbers. There is also the grocery store and the bank and this has a great drive-through feature. And finally, there is a petrol station section with a pump and a telephone. What more could you possible want?

Feber playhouses

There is no doubt about it; playhouses are an extremely popular toy amongst children. And as Christmas comes closer, they are undoubtedly a good idea for a present. Children tend to love them because they are a toy which is big, exciting and full of fun. They like the idea of having their very own place to enjoy - a place they can call their own.

Nevertheless, there are a whole host of different types of playhouses to choose from, all of which boast different colours, features and sizes. This can make it extremely difficult to decide which one to go for. Feber playhouses are one of the most popular types of playhouses on the market today. They created a vast range of playhouses which are loved by a whole host of children. Thus, this article will reveal the top three Feber playhouses in order to give parents a helping hand…

Villa Feber Playhouse

This playhouse is extremely large in size boasting product dimensions of 200 cm in length x 154 cm in width x 161 cm in height. This is obviously advantageous because it means that a number of children can play together. The Villa Feber Playhouse features a bright colour scheme consisting of yellow, green, orange and red. However, these colours are resistant to weather changes and thus they will not fade in the sunlight. The playhouse also boasts exciting features which include a play tray, seats, a mail box and opening windows. And finally, this exciting toy has been designed for children aged above three years old.

Feber Paint Your House

There is literally no other playhouse like this on the market. Now your child can not only have their very own playhouse but they can create it just to suit them as well. This cardboard house comes complete with an art set which contains 80 exciting pieces which children can use to decorate. This also means that the playhouse contains double the fun because a lot of time will be spent decorating the toy as well as playing with it. Finally, this toy is perfect for those aged three years old and above.

Feber Green Playhouse

This bright green playhouse is large in size; 171 cm in length x 154 cm in width x 119.5 cm in height to be precise. It is suitable for children that are aged two years old and above and it boasts the following features; a side greenhouse, workable doors, large windows, a play try and two plant pots. It is also extremely easy to assemble which is always a massive plus point.

So there you have it; the top three Feber playhouses. The only question that remains is; which one will you be buying your little loved one this Christmas?

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