Friday, January 3, 2020

Here are Some Warning Signs that you are Neglecting your Body

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You only ever have one body, so it really does make sense for you to try and treat it right. Your body has its own way of telling you that something is wrong, and for this reason, it’s very important that you listen.

Low Temperature

The average human body temperature is around 97.8 degrees. It’s possible to have a one-degree margin that’s higher, but anything above 99.4 degrees is usually classed as being feverish. If you have a body temperature that happens to be lower than the amount listed above, then there’s a high chance that your body is going to be lacking some serious energy. If you have a low body temperature, then this is a sign that you have a slow metabolic rate or even a slow thyroid function. This will create the perfect environment for viruses and infections to thrive, not to mention that it can also lead to cellular death. If you are concerned, then it’s always a good idea for you to visit your local GP as they will be able to talk you through just about everything you need to know while also giving you the right tests as well.

Chronic Fatigue

If you are constantly tired or if you feel as though you just can’t get enough energy, then this is a sure sign that your body is trying to tell you something. Your low energy might be the result of a bad diet, so it’s important that you take this into account as well. If your diet is low in carbohydrates for example then this could mean that your body isn’t getting the right food or nutrients, and it can also be a sign of poor blood sugar. One way for you to counteract this would be for you to take your time and make sure that you are giving your body the right amount of every food group. If you are suffering from an infection, then this can also lead to chronic fatigue. This is especially the case if you are experiencing some kind of tooth pain as well. If this is the case then you may need to visit a dentist to see if they can give you some treatment.

Poor Digestion

Talking about digestion might be difficult at times, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure that you really analyse what you eat as it could be affecting you in more ways than you realise. If you want to help yourself then look out for signs and symptoms, such as being constantly bloated or even having a hard time going to the bathroom. Either way, if you make some changes in your diet then you shouldn’t have a problem. Your doctor can also find out if there is an underlying health or lifestyle problem that might be holding you back.

Your body needs to run like a well-oiled machine if you want to look and feel your best. Sometimes things change over time and your body needs some additional support as well, but if you want to help yourself then it’s important that you look out for the above warning signs. This will show you that something needs to change and that you also need to be treating yourself better than you are right now.

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