Saturday, January 11, 2020

Making The Dreaded Long Haul Move Smoother

You found a gorgeous new home. It's in a neighborhood you could once only dream of. The school options are fantastic and the local economy is superb with humble family-run restaurants and parks. However, it's hundreds of miles away from your current location. Long haul moving operations are disdain by everyone. They are a massive trek to accomplish and they always have some little quirks about them. Well, perhaps it's not little, because the most common thing about long haul trips is the underestimation of how tough it can be. Have you ever been on a family holiday whereby you were going to be staying abroad for a few weeks? Yeah, picture how hard that was and times it by 5. A long haul full house move is hectic, frantic, worrisome and tiring. But, it has to be done.

Choose the off-season

Why move during the busy seasons? It just doesn’t make any sense to willfully plan a long haul move when it's the time of the year when millions of people will be going on holiday. The summer is by far the worst if you’re in a busy part of the country. The roads will be jammed and a trip that should take 5 hours, could end up taking 8-10. It's ludicrous to try and move while the Christmas rush is occurring. So, if you can help it at all, make sure you’re moving during the off-season. One of the best times is in late winter. Just as the roads are beginning to become busy again and the snow and ice are fading, take advantage of the somewhat empty roads and highways. Another great off-season moving time is the spring. When summer rolls around millions of people will be taking domestic vacations such as road trips. So use the 3 months of spring while you have them.

The lay of the land

Many moving companies don’t offer a long haul service. This is because long haul trips are complex and they require careful route planning. Choosing a company that has a reputation for long haul moves is the only way to operate. You cannot rely on a company that doesn’t advertise long haul or interstate moves like 2 Men And A Truck does. Contrary to their name, they have far more than just two men and a truck, because they have 60 trucks and 150 professionals. The trucks are GPS tracked so they keep in full contact with headquarters. This is great because if you do run into traffic, the route can be quickly diverted to a ‘plan B’ and you won’t lose time. The vehicles are modern and reliable, which helps when you’re loading several tons of stuff.

Get up early!

It cannot be stressed enough, how important getting up early really is. You have the entire road to yourself, the traffic lights will hang on green for longer and you could cut an hour or more off your journey time.

If you have small children, making sure you’re not trapped in a car for many hours is important. Thus, a carefully planned long haul move is something you must achieve before calling the professionals in.

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