Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Rules of Regifting

There is nothing wrong with receiving a gift that you wouldn't use but being gracious about it on receipt of it. There will be times where you will receive an unwanted gift or two at Christmas or anniversaries; it’s inevitable! Sometimes, gifts don’t suit you or your home, or perhaps you’ve been gifted a beautiful bottle of whisky and yet - you don’t drink!

Still, you accept the gift graciously and now you have an extra gift cluttering up your home. When done carefully, regifting is an art. You can’t just pass off gifts to others without any thought behind them. You need to consider the gift you are giving closely and make sure that while it’s a regift, it suits the people you are giving them to in the first place. With that in mind, let’s look at some of our simple rules for regifting things you do not want.

No To Handmade/Meaningful Gifts

If someone has gone to the trouble of making you something by hand, never regift it. You don't have to have it out in the home on display if you don’t want to, but you cannot give it away. It comes with a lot of thought put into it, and you should give them the space in your home for their creativity.

Regift To New People

If your friend gives you that bottle of alcohol and has forgotten you’re teetotal, thank them for it. Then, give that gift to someone outside the circle you both move in and you have the perfect gift for a whisky lover who would appreciate it. You can be gracious and thank your friend, just don’t regift within the circle of friends you have - that would be bad form.

Only Gift The New Stuff

You should know this by now, but never regift your gifts if you have used them. There’s nothing worse than a half-full box of chocolates, or a gift scratched because it wasn't in the original packaging.

Be Thoughtful About It

Don’t regift any items just to get rid of it - only regift when you know the person is going to appreciate it. You may not need certain things right now, but just keep them by until you know you can pass them to someone who would get the best use out of it.

Remove Signs Of Gifting

You could pass on something that is still well-preserved in the original packaging, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't look like you’re passing a regift. So, get rid of leftover sticky tape, wrapping paper, any signs the box has been opened already, personalization, labels and more. You want to make sure that it doesn't look like you’re passing on a present.

There is some etiquette involved when it comes to regifting, but as long as you follow the rules above you can make it happen with ease. Always be grateful and gracious when receiving a gift, even if you plan to gift it elsewhere later on.

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